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Re:Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu Ex 2 Sword Demon Love Song (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活Ex 2 剣鬼恋歌) is the second spinoff novel of the Re:Zero light novel series.

It takes place roughly 40 years before the start of the main story.


The hidden love story of the Sword Demon and the Sword Saint will be revealed now!

A love story of a sword demon and a sword saint, of a man and a woman, of an encounter and a parting, that is still being recited today. The Demi-Human War is a civil war that shakes Lugnica, the Kingdom of the Dragon. The land was burnt to the ground, the people were exhausted, and the hearts of the people longed for peace. If heroes are born in the midst of war, Wilhelm Trias, the Sword Demon, is just such a hero. Carrying a single sword, he is a young swordsman who roams the battlefield like a beast. His way of life, in which he craves for the end of his sword, will eventually lead him to his friends in battle, the kingdom, and the world.

He eventually accomplishes a feat that will go down in the history of the kingdom, involving his comrades-in-arms, the kingdom, and a young girl. The popular web novel, an extravaganza of upheaval and sword fights! The battle of the Sword Demon, told now after 40 years have passed.


  • Sword Demon Love Song: First Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Second Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Third Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Fourth Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Fifth Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Sixth Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Seventh Stanza
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Interlude
  • Sword Demon Love Song: Final Stanza