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Re:Zero Kara Hajimaru Isekai Seikatsu Ex 5: The Tale of the Scarlet Princess (Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活Ex5緋色姫譚) is the fifth spin-off novel of the Re:Zero Light Novel series. It was released on September 25th, 2021.

The story revolves around Priscilla Barielle and her upbringing, adapting the two side stories Crimson Afterglow and The Crimson Countess and the Gladiator.


The Sacred Vollachian Empire is the largest of the four great nations, where the law of the law of the jungle prevails. There are no exceptions to the iron law of the empire, where the strong are respected and the weak are oppressed. This is true even for the emperor, who is at the top of the empire. Prisca Benedict, a member of the Vollachian royal family, is still a young but intelligent girl when the "Imperial Election Ceremony," which decides the next emperor, falls upon her. The blood struggle, in which brothers and sisters kill each other and the last one to be chosen becomes the next emperor, begins under the cruel and beautiful flame of the treasured sword.

"It doesn't matter what happens. --This world is made to suit me."

An act in the history of the empire in which the reason of the strong overruns everything. --Burn, Scarlet Princess, burn. Burn away the obstacles to your destiny.


  • Chapter 1: Crimson Afterglow
  • Chapter 2: The Crimson Countess and the Gladiator



  • The title "The Tale of the Scarlet Princess" is a reference to Priscilla Barielle.
  • The cover of this volume features Miles and Balleroy Temeglyph riding their Winged Dragons in the far left top corner of the illustration.