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The first volume of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 1st and only volume of The Capital's First Day Story Arc.


Suddenly, Natsuki Subaru, a high school student, was summoned to another world. As an ordinary person, he has no special knowledge, skills, or force, and the only ability he has acquired is the painful "Return By Death" that rewinds time when he dies!


  • Prologue: Waste Heat of the Beginning
  • Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning
  • Chapter 2: A Struggle Too Late
  • Chapter 3: End and Beginning
  • Chapter 4: Fourth Time's the Charm
  • Chapter 5: Starting Life in Another World
  • Epilogue: The Moon is Watching



The following events taking place in this novel are listed in chronological order. Furthermore, this section contains only short and brief descriptions of the events depicted in the novel.

  • Natsuki Subaru is summoned to the new world via a yet-unexplained mechanic.
    • Following several deaths, he learns he's in possession of an ability that's allowing him to cheat death and "respawn" at an unspecified checkpoint prior to his demise.
  • A silver haired half elf by the name of Emilia has her insignia stolen, employing Subaru's help in retrieving it.
  • After learning of the thief's identity - a girl from the slums that goes by the name of Felt, Subaru makes contact with her employer; an assassin by the name of Elsa.
    • A fight breaks out which is later joined by the Sword Saint Reinhard. Elsa is defeated and flees the location.
  • Reinhard learns of Felt's identity as the fifth Royal Selection Candidate with the help of Emilia's insignia, and takes custody of the little girl. Subaru is taken by to Roswaal's mansion by Emilia.