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The fifteenth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It concludes the Everlasting Contract Arc.


As the Roswaal manor roars, Elsa and Garfiel collide at last. Leaving his bitter foe to dependable reinforcements, Subaru finally arrives at the long-awaited scene of his reunion with Beatrice. Simultaneously, Emilia is passing through her 'trial' and comes face-to-face with her "Now that should not be", and in an impossibly happy world, she is wrapped in the blessings that the witch depicts. In the midst of a loop where a magician and oni and spirit, a merchant and village girl and half-beast, and fearsome Demon Beasts are jumbled together, the friends who were scattered are united and cut their way forward towards the future that must be traveled.

"...My name is Subaru Natsuki. Emilia. ...I'm your knight, and no one else's."



  • Chapter 1: Roswaal Manor, the Final Day
  • Chapter 2: Happiness Reflected in the Water
  • Chapter 3: ...The Pitch-Black King of the Forest, The Charge of Guiltylowe!!
  • Chapter 4: We'll have a Tea Party Next Time for Sure
  • Chapter 5: Love even the Blood and Entrails
  • Chapter 6: Starting from Revenge
  • Chapter 7: ...Choose Me.
  • Chapter 8: The Faces of Snow
  • Interlude: Their Individual Compromises
  • Final Chapter: Under the Moon, Haphazard Steps
  • Extra: ...The Second Coming