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The sixteenth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the beginning of the Stars that Engrave History Arc.


"I will pass on the words of my mistress, Anastasia-sama, to Emilia-sama"

One year after the battle at "Sanctuary", the camps are reunited, and Subaru Natsuki's days are full. Those peaceful days are brought to a close by a single letter brought by a messenger. An invitation to Priestella, the Water Gate City -- that was the contents of the letter sent to Emilia by Anastasia, one of the Royal Candidates. Heading straightway to Priestella after receiving the invitation, Subaru's group begin by once again seeing Anastasia's familiar face in the city of water. Renewing unusual old friendships, Subaru's group passes the time peacefully. -- Without realizing the beginnings of sinister intent behind it.


  • Chapter 1: It Always Begins with a Visitor
  • Chapter 2: The Water Gate City of Pristella
  • Chapter 3: An Unexpected, Unplanned Reunion Long in Coming
  • Chapter 4: Noisy Tranquility
  • Chapter 5: Theatrical Malice