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The seventeenth volume of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 2nd volume of the Stars that Engrave History Story Arc.


"Hey, hey! All you meatbags, can ya hear me?"

With the Water Gate City of Priestella as a stage, the curtain rises on the nightmare of Sirius, the Archbishop of Wrath. Faced with startling circumstances, Subaru must make the best of a shorter 'Return by Death' period than ever before, and clear away the chaos in the city. However, bizarre disasters occur one after another, as though mocking his effort. The occupied Water Gate Control Tower, his scattered friends, and the voice of ill intent that echoes through the city... In the city covered by a dark cloud, as though affirming endless malice, the blood shed by the girl is red, so red...

"Sorry... Sorry, captain! I, I was...! I couldn't do anything! I'm useless...!"'

The seventeenth act of the popular web novel, the deadly sins and chaos. --Screaming, just a person. Look up for mortal sin and mourn.


  • Chapter 1: Casually Comparing Answers
  • Chapter 2: A Showdown of Fire and Ice
  • Chapter 3: Witch Cult Disaster Response HQ
  • Chapter 4: Gorgeous Tiger
  • Chapter 5: The Operation to Retake City Hall




  • The original version of Yen Press' official English translation of this volume contains a significant mistake, as it mistakenly narrates Capella's monologue in Chapter 5; Section 6 and Subaru's, despite that not being the case in the original Japanese text.