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Chapter Summaries[]

Prologue: The Road to Redemption Begins[]

It begins with a short scene from a unnamed girl's memory of Witch Cult's attack.

Chapter 1: Self-Conscious Feelings[]

After surviving the ordeal at the Stolen Goods Warehouse, Subaru awoke in a room he didn't recognize, immediately noticing that it was a high class room, and wondered if he was in Reinhard's mansion. He checked his body for wounds, which had all healed by what he thought was Emilia's magic, then left the room to explore the building. Upon encountering the same picture he'd seen earlier, he theorized that the hall must be under some kind of loop, deciding to see if opening the nearby door would help, only to encounter a girl in a library. His actions gradually irritated the girl until she decide to drain mana from him, effectively knocking him out.

A while later, Subaru woke up to the sound of voices, their source two girls dressed in maid uniforms. While he interacted with them, Emilia arrived, whose clothes he liked, complimenting whoever chose them for her. As she checked up on his condition, she asked if he wanted to take a walk outside, telling him that part of her contract with her Spirits was to interact with them in the mornings. He quickly accepted, all the while referring to her as Emilia-tan, causing her to wonder what tan meant.

Once he changed back into his clothes, the two exited the mansion, and Emilia, seeing Subaru start some radio exercises, decided to join him. Finishing their routine, Emilia summoned Puck, then left him with Subaru while she interacted with her Minute Spirits, though their conversation about her caused her to cut the interaction short. Soon after, both Ram and Rem came to fetch them for breakfast, informing them that Roswaal L Mathers had returned.

Chapter 2: The Promised Morn Grows Distant[]

At breakfast, Roswaal introduces himself explains various things such state of country, with some additions from Emilia about significance of the insignia and herself. Eventually he offers Subaru a reward but to the shock of everyone Subaru chooses to be hired as a servant and begins working for several days. Rem and Ram show him the ropes, but Subaru quickly proves to have rather poor aptitude for the job. Nevertheless despite initial fairly cold greeting from some of them Subaru manages to bond with the manor residents over 4 days and secure a date with Emilia to meet have her meet the children. However on the 5th morning he was horrified to realize that he'd been killed in his sleep and as a result returned 5 days back in the past. Which that meant no one remembered the events of last 4 days and his promise to go to the village with Emilia never happened.

Chapter 3: The Sound of Chains[]

Trying to figure out what happened, Subaru went through breakfast with Roswaal and the others again, asking to become a servant for a second time. Expecting things to be the same, he was surprised that they didn't go as planned, and was shocked when Roswaal joined him in the bath. While bathing, Subaru asked him about the bath, the topic eventually shifting to magic itself, with Roswaal determining that Subaru was compatible with Yin Magic, revealing to him that Beatrice was an expert with that type of magic. As he got out of the bath, Subaru cursed both Roswaal and Ram, not knowing that Ram was right behind him, ready to help Roswaal change into his clothes. That night she taught him how to write, however she fell asleep on his bed, causing him to break the quill pen.

Days later, on the same night that he died the last time, Emilia came instead of Ram to teach him how to read and write. As she listened to his explanation, she noticed a particular story within the children's storybook he was planning to read, causing her to shut the book and focus on teaching him. While studying the language, he asked for a reward, succeeding in getting her to agree to go on a date with him to the village the next day. Unfortunately for him, he was assaulted by an extremely cold feeling which made his body not function correctly. Struggling down the hallway, he tried to make his way to Emilia's room when he was attacked by an unknown assailant, and was subsequently killed by a weapon with a chain.

Chapter 4: A Deadly Game of Tag[]

Subaru screamed as awoke at his last save point, scaring both Ram and Rem, who he quickly apologized to, then asked them for the date and time. Unlike his last two lives, he decided to be a guest for the third time around in order to gather information. Partway through the week, Subaru told Ram the story of the Red and Blue Oni, though she refused to discuss the story of the witch with him and warned him not to tell Rem about the Oni story. He left the mansion on the day he died the last two times, ready to protect those living at the Roswaal Mansion from the mysterious assailant, only to despair that night when he learned that the identity of the assailant was none other than Rem. She proceeded to torture and heal him over and over, telling him to confess his true intentions, and Subaru was killed when an attack gouged out his throat, prompting Rem to comment that her sister was too nice.

Chapter 5: The Morning He Yearned For[]

Waking up once again, Subaru started to wildly move around while on the bed, forcing both maids to hold him down, and Emilia healed him when she arrived. Gathering his resolve, he tried to tell her about his Return from Death ability, only for the world to stop around him, a hand made of black mist threatening to crush his heart. Fortunately, he was quickly brought back to his senses by Emilia, however he told her not to worry about him. He spent the next couple of days in the mansion, during which time he formed a contract with Beatrice, and stayed in the library on the night of the fourth day. To his surprise, he learned on the fifth day that Rem had died, causing Ram to accuse him of killing her. She tried to attack him but was blocked by Beatrice who informed everyone about their contract, allowing him to escape from the mansion. Making his way to the mountain, he tried to commit suicide by jumping off of a cliff, only to find that he didn't have the courage to do so.

A while later, Subaru awoke to find Beatrice standing there, holding his hand. The feeling from her hand made him realize that it was Ram and Rem who had held his hands earlier to try and calm him down. As he gathered his resolve, Ram appeared, ready to kill him, but before she could do anything he told her that he loved them and jumped off the cliff.