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The twentieth volume of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 5th and final volume of the Stars that Engrave History Story Arc.


"Theresia", you are beautiful. ...That is why you mustn't be here."

The Archbishops of "Greed" and "Wrath" have fallen, but even then the fighting continues in the Watergate City. While being watched over by the cold, silver moon, the struggles of friends in different places sets off sparks...! The endless hunger of "Gluttony" (Lye & Roy), the unfulfillable passion of "Lust", the unfailing fighting spirit of "Eight Arms", and the unfinished business of the "Sword Saint" threaten the peace of the city, and one by one, the Royal Selection camps fall into crisis. The battlefield of impending defeat will be changed by oaths from the past, and promises with friends. And by the "Sword Saint", burning like a red inferno...

"If you knew that I actually fell in love with you at first sight, how surprised would you be?"

From the popular web novel, the twentieth volume of endings and curtains being raised.

"...If I could ask one thing, it would be for you to be at peace at last."


  • Prologue: Moonlight Rhapsody
  • Chapter 1: An Ugly Dinner Banquet
  • Chapter 2: Victims of the Domain
  • Chapter 3: Commend of the Warrior
  • Chapter 4: Sword Demon Love Song—— A Fragment
  • Chapter 5: Theresia van Astrea
  • Chapter 6: Priestella Battle Results
  • Chapter 7: Leaving Behind Ripples on the Water's Surface