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The fight with the witchcult is over, but, a deep scar was left from the events in the watergate city.
As usual, to save the people who had their name taken,Subaru's group are aiming to the tower of the sage, heading to the furthest edge of the world map. A den for demonic beasts and a miasma filling the atmosphere that is Auguria Sand Dunes. And the key to cross that never explored see of sand, is to capture the "demonic beast User", with the sister of the demon who has lost her memory, an artificial spirit that calls itself a "witch" and the "highest of the knights" who had had his name taken, they are headed to challenge the plieadas watchtower.
When you wake up, the first face i want you to see is mine.
That's probably just my ego talking though.

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The twenty-first volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. Slated for a release on September 25, 2019, it will commence the The Corridor of Memories arc.


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