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The twenty-second volume of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 2nd volume of The Corridor of Memories Story Arc.


"If it's Shaula you're looking for, Master, that's me, yep."

Seeking for the wisdom of the 'Sage' who is said to be all-knowing, Subaru's party challenges the unexplored Augria Sand Dunes. After overcoming many difficulties by cooperation with his friends, along with several 'deaths', what met Subaru and the others was the warm welcome of a sage who was all too different from the legends.

The 'Sage' who affectionately calls Subaru 'Master', Shaula begins to speak innocently with the bewildered party. In order to obtain the wisdom they seek, they must match wits with the 'Sage'. It's an invitation to take the 'tests' of the Great Pleiades Library...

"A few days, a few years, a few centuries... Master, you should spend 'em here having fun with me, yep!"

From the popular web novel, the twenty-second curtain rises on ostentation and glory. Will it be the pride of a knight that shatters, or the love of friends?


  • Chapter 1: The Great Library Pleiades
  • Chapter 2: The Asterism of the White Starry Sky
  • Chapter 3: The Taygeta Archive
  • Chapter 4: Stick Swinger
  • Chapter 5: Julius Juukulius
  • Chapter 6: An Encouragement of Cooperation in the Tower
  • Chapter 7: ■■■・■■■
  • Interlude: Old Memories