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The twenty-fourth volume of the Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 4th volume of The Corridor of Memories Story Arc.


"Well then, let's have a chat. I'm going to have you take responsibility for killing me, after all."

Seeking lost "memories", Natsuki Subaru is determined to once again face his life in another world. In order to save his treasured friends from the tragedy that awaits, Subaru entrusts his hope in the library of "Taygeta". Amongst the "Books of the Dead" that tells the history of those who have died, seeking the future in the memory of "Death" that means the end, Subaru opens a book and finds himself in a white world... Waiting for him there is a being that has given itself over to vile hunger, and amid the long-forgotten "memories", the smiling form of a girl he shouldn't have been able to meet...

"...Stand up! Stand, rise up, save them, all of them!"

The famous web novel, act twenty-four of forgiveness and chance meetings. You whose face I don't know, please let me hear your voice.


  • Chapter 1: You Who Awaits the Snowmelt
  • Chapter 2: Talking About What Awaits
  • Chapter 3: ――Stand Up
  • Chapter 4: Five Obstacles
  • Chapter 5: The Outrageous Iron Hammer of the Sword
  • Chapter 6: The Earnest Star