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The twenty-sixth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 1st volume of The Land of the Wolves Story Arc.


"Don't forget that your life is here... in my hands."

Natsuki Subaru experienced a sad separation captured the tower of the sandy sea. However, fate tossed Subaru like a storm, and in a place separated from his friends, Subaru finally reached the long-awaited reunion. However, for a brief moment of joy, the girl who awakens loses her "memory" turns her hostility toward Subaru, who has the witch's miasma. Damaging her trust, Subaru encounters a suspicious man in an unknown forest while beginning to "play tag" with a girl who runs away. It was an irreverent man who hides his face and does not hide his dignity.

"I want you to laugh... That's all I'm good at."

The opening of the seventh chapter of the popular web novel, which meets the unknown. --Let's start. War without heroes.


  • Prologue: Watchtower's People
  • Chapter 1: Baptism
  • Chapter 2: A Brave Choice
  • Chapter 3: It's Really Tough Being a Man
  • Chapter 4: Imperial Style
  • Chapter 5: Vollachia Empire