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The thirtieth volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu series. It is the 5th volume of The Land of the Wolves Story Arc.


"Pipe down, you shitty geezer. ――I’ll go and die, even if it’s a million times."

An unprecedented situation strikes the demon city of Chaosflame; the manifestation of a calamity that threatens to destroy the Empire. While those who gathered in the magical city are fighting the battle, Abel, searching for a chance to win, arrives at a familiar figure, a Stargazer who knows the destiny of the stars as they revolve. At the same time, Rem, who had parted ways with Natsuki Subaru and remained in the fortified city, also receives bad news. The city has turned into a screaming inferno as a swarm of flying dragons fills the sky, and the one who passes through the city is an angry dragonkin maiden who leads the dragons.

"――Don’t you just get the feeling that a grand tale’s gonna begin?"

The thirtieth act of the popular web novel, unity and separation. ――With this snow, I have come to see you.


  • Chapter 1: The Cacophony of the Demon City
  • Chapter 2: I Can’t Live Wiser
  • Chapter 3: Taritta Shudrak
  • Chapter 4: The Cacophony of the Fortress City
  • Chapter 5: I Don’t Mind Being Called a Moron
  • Chapter 6: Flop O’Connell
  • Interlude: Imperial Frenzy Overture