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Re:Zero Lost in Memories (Re:ゼロから始まる異世界生活 Lost in Memories) is a game developed by SEGA and is the first official mobile game in the series. It is a free-to-play game with microtransactions and has been released on September 9, 2020.


The game features a story that is a retelling of the anime, however, it also divided into 3 chapters: "Main Story", "Ver. Main Story" and "IF Route". The game features branching paths that lead Subaru Natsuki to a different outcome of the story, turning into a "What IF" scenarios. In addition, it includes a new original story that was not included in the anime and the project is supervised by the series' author – Tappei Nagatsuki. It also features the original voice actors Kobayashi Yuusuke, Takahashi Rie, Minase Inori, Murakawa Rie, Uchiyama Yumi, and more, reprising their roles from the Re:Zero anime. Aside from the anime's voice actors, Studio White Fox is also providing SEGA with some animations, such as the ones used for the opening sequence.


It begins when the main character, Natsuki Subaru, who suddenly lost his memories while he wanders around in the forest at night. The mysterious girl named Shion suddenly rescued Subaru from being attacked by someone. With the help of Shion, who calls herself an illusionist, Subaru takes action to regain his lost memories.

In order to regain Subaru's memories, the player will first challenge the “Recollection Town Quest”. In the remembrance town, he will relive the scene where Subaru's memories is reproduced with Shion, but there is also a scene where the characters he knows are attacked by the enemy's technique called "tampering".

Why is Shion acting together with Subaru? Who is the criminal who took away Subaru's memories in the first place? A big story flow is prepared just from this point, so the purpose is clear as a player. Let's enjoy the adventures of Subaru.


The game is a time-based action RPG. You can select up to a party of five. Each of them will have three attacks and each of them will have cooldown depending on which attacks you choose. During combat, the characters will appear in chibi forms, but each character will have their own 2D illustrations that can be viewed on their stats page. Additionally, the characters will not only have levels, but also skill trees called "Memory Board". Players can further strengthen characters gaining permanent stats boosts and enhance skills.

You can interact with characters in the story. The game uses Live2D engine during interaction. The game also features branching paths that deviate the story. The options you choose leads the player to a different outcome of the story, turning it into a "What IF" scenario. The game will show the different bonds with Subaru and the other characters had he made different choices or met under certain circumstances. Players set out in the world of “Remembrance Village” in the Subaru's memories, and proceed with “Re-experience (Story)” and “Exploration of Remembrance (Quest)” to solve the mystery of Subaru’s lost memories.



The game was featured in a special live broadcast on KADOKAWA's official YouTube channel with Eguchi Takuya (the voice of Julius) as the host accompanying with other voice actors from the show.

  • The 1st broadcast was aired on May 22, 2020 featuring Kobayashi Yuusuke (the voice of Subaru) and Murakawa Rie (the voice of Ram) as co-hosts. However, due to Covid-19, they've used a voice-only conversation. The broadcast showed off Julius ver. route and the first combat gameplay with a party of Subaru, Emilia, Rem, Ram, and Rom.
  • The 2nd broadcast was aired on July 6, 2020 featuring Uchiyama Yumi (the voice of Puck) as co-host. The broadcast introduced one of the gameplay called Memory Board and also explaining the alternative choices of IF routes and Main Story: Another. The broadcast showed off Ram ver. route and the second combat gameplay with a party of Subaru, Emilia, Puck, Beatrice, and Otto. The broadcast also featured an Otto IF route, but it was abruptly cut short when they revealed Elsa in that route.
  • The 3rd broadcast was aired on July 14 2020 featuring Murakawa Rie as co-host. The broadcast showed off Ricardo/Mimi ver. route and the third combat gameplay with a party of Julius, Ricardo, Anastasia, Mimi, and Puck.
  • The 4th broadcast was aired on July 22, 2020 featuring Kobayashi Yuusuke as co-host. The broadcast showed off Wilhelm ver. route and Otto IF route and the fourth combat gameplay with a party of Subaru, Crusch, Felix, and Wilhelm. The broadcast also revealed the game's full opening.
  • The 5th broadcast was aired on August 11, 2020 featuring Arai Satomi (the voice of Beatrice) as co-host. The broadcast showed off the fifth combat gameplay with a party of Subaru, Roswaal, Felt, Reinhard, and Beatrice.
  • The 6th broadcast was aired on September 1, 2020 featuring Takahashi Rie (the voice of Emilia) as co-host. The broadcast showed off a tutorial gameplay featuring and introducing a game original character named Shion.
  • A month after its release, a 7th broadcast was aired on October 12, 2020 featuring Kobayashi Yuusuke as host this time and Ueda Kana (the voice of Anastasia) as co-host.


  • Regulus and Reinhard are the only two units that don't have a death animation, upon their individual defeats. Regulus will simply make an annoyed face and angrily walk off the playing field, while Reinhard will simply leap backwards from the field.