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Re:Zero: Memory Snow is the first special OVA episode of the Re:Zero anime, it screened in Japanese theaters in Fall 2018.

Following the announcement made on February 21, the BD and DVD of the Re:Zero OVA was released on June 7, 2019.


A flashback depicting Subaru as he overcame the invasion of the herd of Wolgarms is shown. In the present time, Subaru is dressed in a disguise in preparation to undertake in a "Secret mission" where he cannot be recognized by anyone. The mission entails Subaru's preliminary inspection of his date course with Emilia. However, the moment he steps foot into the Irlam Village the local children immediately recognize him and cling onto him playfully. Upon hearing about Subaru's date with Emilia, the village kids guide him to their secret place, a large field of flowers.

At Roswaal's Mansion, Rem and Ram tend to the garden and notice that one of the flowers that recently bloomed has wilted. Roswaal appears and notes the sad timing for it to occur. Inside the library, Beatrice notices a strange presence, as Emilia stands in front of a window that freezes up and cracks.

Subaru awakens in his room from a bad dream and is astonished by Rem's presence. Rem's reason for being in Subaru's room was because she was restoring her energy by watching over him. When Rem asks about his dream, to which, he confesses that it was really a nightmare and refuses to talk about it as it may come true if he does. As he gets out of bed, Subaru notices that the temperature in the room is rather cold. Rem confirms that it is cold most likely due to the weather and compliments Subaru's astute insight, whereas he downplays it.

In the mansion kitchen, Subaru peels potatoes and Rem tends to the cooking. As they work on their respective tasks, Subaru mentions that the cold weather is strange and asks about Rem's inadequate clothing. While Rem does have more appropriate clothing for the winter, but she and her sister are ok with the cold weather. On the subject of Rem's sister Ram, she apparently is sleeping in late due to the cold. This causes Subaru to snap as Rem's statement contradicts her prior one and goes off with Ram to give her a piece of his mind.

After they do this, Ram forces Subaru to perform sweeping duty in one of the rooms as punishment for awakening her from her sleep. This continues until Subaru finds a hatch on the floor and when he opens it finds an assortment of alcohol in it. Ram notes that Roswaal's Grandmother was a heavy drinker and that they could have belonged to her. Soon Emilia arrives at the scene and is informed by a candid Ram she's trying to convince Subaru to abstain from becoming an alcoholic. Hearing this, Emilia tries to convince Subaru as well, but Subaru goes on a tirade claiming he isn't due to his age. This leads to Emilia to reveal that the legal drinking age of the Kingdom of Lugnica is fifteen. The conversation continues and both Subaru and Emilia's date is brought up. Hoping that the weather outside is better for their date tomorrow, Subaru notes that Emilia's clothing is rather light for the weather. She, however, feigns ignorance of the cold temperature and abruptly leaves claiming she has urgent business to attend to. Once Emilia was gone, Ram gives a snide remark claiming that Emilia's urgent business wasn't urgent at all and that Subaru is lower than her "trivial stuff". On the contrary, Subaru vehemently denies it.

That night, Subaru reviews the items he had prepared for the date the following day. He then gets into bed and tries to sleep, but is unable to. So Subaru decides to count various things, including Puck, Emilia, and Roswaal to help him sleep, but these don't work due to a déjà vu of his. It's then it notes the cold temperature in the room and hopes that the following day's weather is warmer. With that Subaru finally falls asleep and dreams of a group of small angels with Roswaal's head take him out of his bed. The following morning, Subaru awakens because of the frigid temperature. Outside of his room, Subaru runs into Beatrice who declines to answer as to why she's awake so early in the morning. As Subaru talks about his date that day with Emilia, Beatrice walks away claiming to not care about his business. This leads to a back and forth between the two leading Subaru to be flung out a window.

Later that day, Subaru performs moping duties with Rem in the foyer area. They talk about how the date with Emilia was not canceled but postponed. A flashback reveals a fervent Emilia thankful for the postponement due to the cold weather. Reflecting on this, Subaru notes how Emilia's relieved looking face bugged her. Rem then notes that it was a wise choice for Subaru to cancel the date, this is because they may get stranded in a mountain because of the weather. Initially, Subaru agrees with this, but then gets an epiphany how the two of them stranded in the mountains in a cabin would be a perfect romantic experience. However, Subaru downplays that scenario ever occurring as a snowstorm would never happen. It's then that Subaru breaks his mop in the now frozen bucket of water.

The following day, Subaru awakens to his now frozen room. Afterward, he's served by Rem in the kitchen area. Soon, Lord Roswaal appears and notes the ineptness of how Subaru is unable to deal with the cold. As the conversation continues, Roswaal reveals that the cold weather is only affecting the periphery of the mansion area. Furthermore, two people are currently investigating the problem of this odd occurrence. The three then head to Emilia's room and when Subaru barges into Emilia's room, it's revealed that the source of the cold weather is Puck.

A meeting is held in the dining room and the reason for the odd cold weather is because of Hatsumaki, which is a magical release period. Because Subaru is ignorant of the concept of Od, Beatrice elucidates the subject to him. When asked about the sudden surge in cold weather, Puck answers that it was due to the fact that he figured he could get away with upping the magical exertion. After formally apologizing to Subaru, Emilia asks Puck how much longer this cold weather will last. Puck answers that it'll be another two days before it ends. Emilia also reveals that due to having a contract with Puck, she's immune to the cold temperature. It's then that Subaru has an epiphany to solve their cold problem is that they should simply go outside. However, this idea is squelched due to the downpour of rain. Subaru then gets another idea for them to camp outside, but this is shot down due to Roswaal not wanting to sleep outside. Another idea Subaru gets is heating up the mansion with a giant fireball, but Roswaal claims that would just set the mansion ablaze. Finally, Subaru believes that they should spend the next two days in the bathing area and enjoy a nice hot bath. This too is impossible as the bathtub was completely filled with mayonnaise, this was because of Subaru wanting to bath in it.

Back in the dining room, Subaru and Ram huddle by the fireplace. When Roswaal and Beatrice are asked about how they deal with their surplus of Od, they reveal their respective ways. It's also revealed that Rem doesn't have enough magical energy the needed to do a Hatsumaki and Emilie simply can maintain her's quite easily because of Puck. Subaru then asks when was the last time Puck used his energy to his heart's content. Puck reveals it was when they faced a certain black-haired woman that they fought back in the capital. Another time was when Puck faced off against Roswaal and the two joyfully reminisce on that the fight they had with each other.

Some time afterward, Subaru, Rem, and Emilia collect firewood. During this, Subaru has another epiphany one inspired by his hometown of Hokkaido to help squander Puck's abundance of Od. The plan is called, "Roswaal's Mansion ChikiChiki snow festival, 1st edition".

The next day, Subaru speaks in a sports commentator like fashion to the people of the Irlam Village in front of Roswaal's Mansion. He then explains the rules of the game, that being the person whom builds the best snow sculpture will win a prize. After Subaru's explanation of the rules, the villagers begin sculpting their snow sculptures. Looking around, Subaru notices that Beatrice is missing and finds her in the library. It's thanks to her barrier that the snow didn't spread any farther to the village. Trying to convince Beatrice to join in on the fun outside, she refuses and wishes to be alone. Noting Beatrice's stubbornness, Subaru places a small head of a snowman on top of her head which causes her to fling him out the window.

Outside, the village kids throw snowballs at Subaru, and Puck dumps a pile of snow on top of him. Petra then approaches Subaru and shows him the snow rabbit she made. Impressed by the design, Subaru adds a couple of things to it to touch it up, making it look more impressive. Happy with how it looks now, Subaru "upgrades it" and is reprimanded by Petra for it. Beatrice witnesses the scene playout and disparages Subaru. She's then joined by Puck who comments that Subaru would have wanted to play with him down there. Meanwhile, as Emilia diligently sculpts her snow sculpture, she's joined by Beatrice who starts to sculpt her own snow sculpture. She claims that it was Puck who convinced her to do so.

Elsewhere, Puck and Subaru browse the snow sculptures, and one of them a sculpture of a Wolgarm catches his eye. Back to Emilia who finishes her sculpture and stops Beatrice from cheating by using magic to sculpt her snow sculpture. Back to Puck and Subaru, the spirit asks Subaru who the judges are. He answers that they're him, Roswaal, and Muraosa as a mystery judge. The two then stop at Rem and Ram's snow sculpture that's hidden behind a curtain. Rem and Ram's snow sculpture is named the Wonderful Subuwaal-sama Sculpture and it's revealed to be an amalgam of both Roswaal and Subaru. Roswaal himself shows up and when he sees the sculpture is despondent and the low ratings given by the two judges flabbergasts the twin sisters. Emilia then approaches Roswaal and Subaru, she asks to let them see her and Beatrice's snow sculptures. However, Subaru is pulled away by the village kids so they can show him their sculpture. It's a sculpture of Subaru and while he's impressed the kids try and touch it up, but in the process knock off the sculpture's head.

In the end, Emile's sculpture gets a 9, which upsets her, more so Beatrice who got a 7. Both of their sculptures were a depiction of Puck. The winner of the snow sculpture contest is revealed to be Petra's of her robot bunny and the prize was a bag of corn chips. From one of the mansion's balconies, Subaru calls over Puck and Emilia as the banquet will soon begin. In the dining hall, Subaru thanks everyone for their hard work that day and hopes to hold the festival again when Puck has another Hatsumaki. With that settled with, the banquet begins and everyone enjoys themselves on the various food and alcoholic beverages served. During the banquet, Emilia and Rem both get drunk, and tease Subaru until they individually fall asleep on his lap. Seeing Beatrice by her lonesome outside on the balcony, Subaru decides to join her.

Joining Beatrice on the balcony, he gives her a cup of apple juice, whereas Beatrice retorts she's the 2nd oldest one there, after Puck. Subaru, on the other hand, doesn't pay any attention to the last comment as he's more transfixed on Emilia and Rem embracing one another. To make up for his impertinence, Subaru divulges to Beatrice the star constellations and reveals that he was named after one. The reception of this revelation is tepid at most. Just then, the entire mansion area lights up due to the gathering of snow spirits. To use up his remaining mana, Puck decides to make it snow all the way to the capital.

The next morning, the snow around the mansion starts to melt. As Emilia prepares herself for her date with Subaru, she and Puck talk about how they should have been more transparent in the first place about Puck's Hatsumaki. An anxious Subaru waits outside the mansion, until Emilia finally arrives and the two finally go on their date with each other.




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  • The Winter Shogun from Konosuba makes a cameo appearance in the OVA as an enemy.
  • There is a scene where Puck and Roswaal talk about their fight, which is foreshadowing for The Frozen Bond OVA.
  • There is some foreshadowing regarding Beatrice mentioning her mother.