The first volume of the Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Sekatsu tanpenshuu series.


  • Chapter 1: Heroic Tale from Zero
  • Chapter 2: The Head Maid's Unrestful Holiday
  • Chapter 3: The Day that Gave Up the Star
  • Chapter 4: Emilia in Wonderland


The Day that Gave Up the Star

One day, Priscilla holds a tournament where fifty knights can prove themselves worthy of being Priscilla's knight. Leip Barielle, the husband of Priscilla at that time, brought Gilian Endymion, the third son of Endymion, to participate in Priscilla's tournament to decide who would become her knight, but to Leip's surprise, an not known person known as Al who ended up in the best four.



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