This page is about the Re: IF novel, featuring the Natsuki Rem What IF story. If you're searching for the "What IF" Web Novel chapters, see Re:Zero IF.

Re: IF a Life in Another World From Zero (Re:IFから始める異世界生活), short for Re: IF is a special story written by Nagatsuki Tappei.


  • Prologue: The Beginning
  • Chapter 1: 2 Months
  • Chapter 2: 3 Months
  • Chapter 3: 3 Months
  • Chapter 4: 6 Months
  • Chapter 5: 10 Months
  • Interlude: Death Anniversary
  • Chapter 6: The Last Month of Pregnancy
  • Epilogue: Anniversary



Prologue: The BeginningEdit

The story starts after Episode 18 where Subaru asks Rem to leave Lugnica, Roswaal's Mansion, the Emilia camp and everything to live a new life in Kararagi. Rem agreed and left Lugnica and runaway to a small city in Kararagi.

Rem, Subaru and the Chamov named Chamov are in a dragon carriage. The very heavy atmosphere started to spread and the Chamov asked why the man was shaking like a girl. Subaru was sleeping and was apologizing for being weak to Emilia in his sleep, however Rem responds to Chamov that he shouldn't talk about other people's situations so bluntly. They arrived at at a stop in Kararagi and Chamov gave them a bag and told them that they should go to Banan town. Rem asked why he was doing such a good favor of giving them supplies and he said that they look innocent and have too much potential, he also told them that a friend called Halibel will help them out there. Subaru was still shaking and sleeping, Rem tried to cheer him up, but Chamov gave Rem advise that the more bonds you make, the more good bonds will receive, which he stated is a Kararagian way he believed him.

Chapter 1: 2 MonthsEdit

Chapter 2: 3 MonthsEdit

Chapter 3: 3 MonthsEdit

Chapter 4: 6 MonthsEdit

Chapter 5: 10 MonthsEdit

Interlude: Death AnniversaryEdit

Chapter 6: The Last Month of PregnancyEdit

Epilogue: AnniversaryEdit



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