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Reala Thompson (リアラ・トンプソン), née Reshia Tinsel (リーシア・ティンゼル), is Garfiel and Frederica's mother. First appearing in a flashback in Arc 4, she formally debuted in Arc 5, where she played a pivotal role in Garfiel's character arc.

She was believed to have died in a landslide after leaving Sanctuary, which greatly scarred Garfiel. However, in Arc 5, it is revealed that she survived but lost her memory due to head trauma. Afterward, she moved to Priestella, where she remarried and started a new family.


Reala has green eyes and long golden hair which she braids into ponytail.

After reuniting with her son in Priestella, Reshia wears brown and black. She seems to have a Pyroxene necklace, a plain white shirt and black shoes.


She was considered a rather unfortunate luckless person by those who knew her due to having lived a life a of much hardship, despite that she was known to carry strange but kindly disposition After being involved in a rock slide, Reala has no memories about Garfiel Tinsel and her past as Reshia, but her affectionate personality did not change.


Reala's family suffered from a crushing debt, which forced her parents to sell her off into an illegal slave trader at a very young age. Not long after, she was kidnapped by a group of Demi-Human bandits who raided her slaver trader's camp. Several years later, she was abandoned by the Demi-Human bandits after she became pregnant with Ferederica, and spent the following years of her life hopping from one slave caravan to another. At an unspecified point in time, she moved to the Sanctuary, where she gave birth to Garfiel, roughly seven years after giving birth to Frederica. Then, roughly 10 years before the start of the main story, she left the Sanctuary in pursuit of Garfiel's father. Almost immediately after departing, she was involved in a rock slide accident, which led her to be found by Garek Thompson with seemingly no memories of her past. He took care of her and brought her to Priestella. A few years later, they married and had two kids, Fred Thompson and Rafiel Thompson.


Equipment: Reala used to carry a necklace made of Pyroxene Crystal (輝石), however she took two stones off the necklace and gave one to Garfiel and one to Frederica.


  • Originally, Reala has golden hair the whole time, which was mistakenly colored as orange in the Light Novel, volume 13. However, in volume 17, it was fixed by making her hair golden as intended.
  • The Author considers her to be the most luckless person in Re:Zero.[1]


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