Reala Thompson (リアラ・トンプソン), real name Reshia Tinsel (リーシア・ティンゼル), is Frederica Baumann and Garfiel Tinsel's mother.


Reala has green eyes and long golden hair which she braids into ponytail.

After reuniting with her son in Priestella, Reshia has golden hair and wears brown and black. She seems to have a Pyroxene necklace, a plain white shirt and black shoes.


Reala is a kind person and deals well with everyone, even strangers.

After being involved in a rock slide, Reala has no memories about Garfiel Tinsel and her past as Reshia.


Somewhere in the past, she was involved in a rock slide accident, which led her to be found by Garek Thompson with seemingly no memories of her past. He took care of her and brought her to Priestella. A few years later, they married and had two kids, Fred Thompson and Rafiel Thompson.


Equipment : Reala used to carry a necklace made of Pyroxene (輝石), however she took two stones off the necklace and gave one to Garfiel and one to Frederica.


  • Originally, Reala has golden hair the whole time, which was changed in the Light Novel.


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