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Reinhard van Astrea (ラインハルト・ヴァン・アストレア) is the current Sword Saint and a member of the Royal Guard, being the very strongest "weapon" the Kingdom has in its arsenal. During the events of Arc 3, he pledged himself to serve as Felt's knight and fully support her throughout the Royal Selection.

Debuting in Arc 1, Reinhard played a key role in overcoming the first major obstacle standing in Subaru's way—the northern assassin, Elsa Granhiert. While being almost completely absent from the following three arcs, he returned and played a pivotal role in Arc 5, being one of the key figures in defeating the Witch Cult's Sin Archbishops and retaking the Watergate City of Priestella.


Reinhard stands at exactly six feet tall, making him several inches taller than Natsuki Subaru. His most striking feature is his distinct flaming red hair that shines as brightly as Felt's crimson eyes. His sparkling blue eyes portray a sense of confidence and recklessness. His slender frame features an array of well-toned muscles, although they're usually hidden by his clothing. The Sword Saint exuded an aura of gallantry, and, at a first glance, he gave off an intimidating air that indicated him as someone who is above the norm. His extraordinarily handsome face, beyond average looks and his open, calming and approachable personality makes him very popular with people, which catches the eye of many women, further exemplifying his magnificence.

As a member of House Astrea, Reinhard's flaming red hair and sky blue eyes were traits passed down from the first Sword Saint Reid Astrea, and, in Reinhard's case, inherited from his father Heinkel Astrea. However, the visual similarities between Reinhard and his father more-or-less ended there. Instead, many of Reinhard's features were taken from his inhumanly beautiful mother Louanna Astrea. The two of them share the same jawline, cheek bones, nose, and eye shape. Felt once commented on the striking visual similarities between Reinhard and the Sleeping Beauty.

Reinhard's casual attire is nearly as regal as the uniform he can be usually seen wearing as a member of the Kingdom's Royal Guard. It consists of a well-made black shirt that he also wears as part of his uniform, white trousers with lilac cuffs, black shoes, black gloves, and a double-breasted white long coat with a cutaway front, rolled cuffs, lapels, and lilac lining. The crest of the House Astrea can be seen proudly pictured on the upper part of Reinhard's left sleeve, and a black belt is fastened tightly around his waist. With it, Reinhard fastens his esteemed Dragon Sword Reid, whenever he has to go out.


As the Sword Saint and the Knight of the Royal Guard, Reinhard acts with a high degree of chivalry and elegance, addressing everyone with a unnaturally high level of respect. He is fair, clean, brave, and willing to go out of his way in the name of justice no matter if he's in the line of duty or simply strolling through the Royal Capital. He is known as the Knight Among Knights, and is widely trusted among the people of the Royal Capital of Lugunica. As a knight, Reinhard only uses his sword when necessary, since, in addition to being a rule, his iron-clad rule is to not inflict pain to others if not absolutely necessary, be it a normal thug or a member of the Witch Cult. Having said that, when Reinhard is truly needed, he swiftly deals with every threat in a matter of seconds. Most of the times, his presence and name alone is enough to send normal thugs running away.

He mentioned that his specialty is fighting monsters, but his power is so great that upon unleashing just one of his attacks, Subaru already considered him another monster. Reinhard considered this as an offensive comment, implying that he does not like being judged as someone dangerous even when he has good intentions. Despite not being fond of being referred to, with degrading titles and nicknames, Reinhard is a daily target of scorn and annoyance for his fellow members of the Felt Camp, including Felt, Ton, Chin and Kan. Despite that, he always brushes it off with a gentle smile, which usually pisses the group even more, subjecting the knight to even more scorn than before. Despite such unfriendly relationships, however, Reinhard is always prepared to go an extra mile and help them out when in trouble, even when they don't explicitly ask for it. As their mentor and knight, however, Reinhard can also be pretty stern. Chin, for example, will refrain from using his Fire Magic to call Reinhard as, if the Sword Saint doesn't deem the situation dire, he will not hesitate to scold him and apprehend him if necessary. This strict attitude is often aimed at his mistress as well. Reinhard expressed dissatisfaction and even anger, on multiple occasions, such as when Felt carelessly entered the room where Louanna Astrea sleeps, in the Astrea Manor located in the Royal Capital.

He is always looking for a way to solve things, even to the point of giving a Sin Archbishop the opportunity to surrender while hoping he will not have to take extreme measures, such as being forced to kill him. In his fight against Regulus, he even went as far as asking him to stop and leave the city, even after the Sin Archbishop had already killed him and decimated everything in their vicinity. He also respects the decision of his friends despite the fact that sometimes they criticize him for engaging in matters that do not correspond to him. Due to his unparalleled strength, however, Reinhard is usually the one people turn to, when trouble calls, no matter what their relationship with him is.

Although hesitant, Reinhard was willing to practice lethal force on his opponents in the event it was absolutely necessary. An example of this was when he killed the Imperial spy Miles for trying to escape the Kingdom atop a Flying Dragon after Reinhard had ordered him to disembark. Despite the role his paternal grandparents played in the Demi-Human War, as well as the general anti-demi-human policy employed by citizens of Lugunica, Reinhard held no discrimination against those of half-beast ancestry.

As a five year old child, Reinhard was a very sweet and timid kid, stuttered a lot, easily got shocked or surprised. As he deeply loved his father, he was willing to do everything in his power to help him, even going as far as obtaining a Divine Protection of Mind-Changing, in order to help Heinkel convince Marcos Gildark to re-join the Royal Knight Order, however, after the Astrea Manor was attacked by a group of men led by then-14-year-old Roswaal L. Mathers, Heinkel pleaded to Reinhard to never use the Divine Protection again. The five year old boy fell in a state of shock and immediately locked off and erased his newly gained Divine Protection. Considering his monstrous power, however, Reinhard–even as a five year old boy–was easily capable of sending shivers down grown and battle-hardened men's spines, by simply looking into their eyes and voicing a demand with a somewhat intimidating voice.


Reinhard was born the son of Heinkel Astrea and Louanna Astrea. He was loved by everyone. His grandmother's first thought upon seeing him was that he was "a child loved by the world". Two years after his birth, his mother fell into a Sleeping Beauty state, which shook the whole Astrea family to its core. At the age of five, he obtained the title of the Sword Saint after his grandmother Theresia van Astrea passed away during her fierce battle with the White Whale. The reason for her death was the sudden loss of her Divine Protection of the Sword Saint which mysteriously disappeared midway through the battle, transferring to the young Reinhard. His grandfather, Wilhelm van Astrea, blamed Reinhard for her death, causing their relationship to plummet, leaving only his father who still cared about him. Sadly, his relationship with his father gravely deteriorated as well. After he gained the aforementioned Divine Protection, his father became an alcoholic, and gradually starting to blame him for Theresia's death as well; it didn't take long for Reinhard to be despised by his closest family members. As the strongest individual in the Royal Kingdom of Lugunica, he was forced to join the Royal Guard at the age of fourteen, becoming the strongest weapon in the Kingdom's possession.

Once Upon a Time in Lugunica side story

Roughly 15 years before the events of the main story, Reinhard helped his father, who was trying to convince Marcos Gildark to re-join the Royal Knights. After the latter failed in verbally convincing him, Reinhard took it upon himself to help out his father through any means necessary. He immediately received the Divine Protection of Mind-Control, which he used to change Marcos' mind, resulting in the latter to swiftly re-join the Royal Knights. However, by doing so, he proved to be a threat and alerted the Six Tongues–an organisation tasked with keeping the inner peace of the Kingdom and ensure its stability by acting in the shadows. That night, a group of disguised individuals entered the Astrea Mansion which is located in the Nobles' District of the Royal Capital. Initially framing Heinkel, after they explained why they came, Heinkel quickly realised it was Reinhard's doing, conveniently finding him standing at the doorway, staring at his father and asking what's happening. Heinkel immediately darted to his son, embracing him and pleading to the intruders not to take his son away. Reinhard, shocked and confused, asked what was happening and Heinkel immediately told Reinhard he should never use the Divine Protection again, and pleased him to never use it again. Reinhard, now scared, immediately deactivated and removed his Divine Protection. Just before the masked men left, however, one turned to him and said a sentence that stuck with Reinhard ever since–"If you care about your family, do your best to serve the kingdom.".

Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 1

During a rescue mission involving Crusch Karsten and the House of Argyle, Marcos Gildark tasked Reinhard to keep an eye on Prince Fourier and the knights accompanying him. While Julius and the rest of the knights were disposing of the reanimated corpses, Miles, who was the culprit behind the incident, tried to make his escape, ignoring Reinhard's warnings, and refusing to surrender. After his attempt to get rid of Reinhard had failed, the latter was forced to incinerate him along with his Flying Dragon as he could not allow the valuable information to reach the Vollachian Emperor.

Months during the disease infecting members of the Royal Family

After the entire Royal Family fell victim to a mysterious disease which slowly killed them off one by one, Reinhard was tasked to reach the Sage in order to find a cure for the incurable illness. When approaching the Pleiades Watchtower, however, he was unable to pass through the Sand Time and was forced to retreat. Due to the mission's failure, every member of the Royal Family succumbed to the illness,[1] subsequently resulting in Reinhard blaming himself for their deaths.[2]

Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 4

Roughly 4 to 5 months prior to the events of the series, a couple of months after the entire Lugunican royal family died, Emperor Vincent Vollachia invited Reinhard to the Sacred Vollachia Empire alongside two members of the Council of Wise Men in order to negotiate a non-aggression pact. In order to at least partially suppress Reinhard's power, he was forced to wear a so-called Collar of Submission, a meteor which suppresses its wearer's powers.[3] The three of them would by accompanied by Julius and Ferris. After the initial negotiations ended on a rather negative note, Reinhard wad summoned to the Emperor's chambers in where he suddenly found himself surrounded by corpses of the guards and one of the Nine Divine Generals, Balleroy Temeglyph. Having been accused of attacking the guards, Reinhard had no other option but to take Vincent hostage and escape with Julius and Ferris. While they were running away from the whole Vollachian army, the Sixth and Eighth Divine Generals, Groovy Gumlet and Moguro Hagane, attacked the trio in an effort to retrieve the kidnapped Emperor. While Ferris and Julius were preoccupied with securing the Emperor's life, Reinhard fought the two Generals bare-handed and defeated them without suffering any damage whatsoever. Not long after, Cecilus Segmunt himself made his debut and attacked Julius, almost managed to decapitate him when Reinhard returned, used Cecilus' broken katana to deflect all of Blue Lightning's strikes and delivered a devastating kick, knocking the famed Divine General out instantly. After the three Generals made their retreat, the three Royal Guards were attacked by 30 highly skilled and feared Vollachian assassins from the Insect Cage Clan; Reinhard made quick work of them as well, defeating all 30 of them without killing a single one or taking a hit. After Reinhard's awe-inspiring display of power, Vincent was able to safely return to the Crystal Palace where he apprehended the culprits and officially signed the non-aggression pact between the Kingdom of Lugunica and the Vollachia Empire.

Roughly one month after the Empire incident, Reinhard was sent off on an escort mission to the Kingdom's border with the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko. When he returned to the Royal Capital, Cecilus Segmunt was waiting for him, requesting a rematch, though, this time, he had his famed Dream and Fiend Swords with him, setting on showing him just how powerful he is. After captain Marcos Gildark himself arranged a proxy-match between the Sword Saint and the Blue Lightning, Reinhard was finally able to fight the famed Vollachian General for real. Both with their swords unsheathed - Reinhard with the Dragon Sword Reid and Cecilus with Murasame and Masayume–the battle commenced. Both of them have survived the duel–Reinhard with next to no injuries, and Cecilus with relatively-notable gashes all over his body. It was later revealed by Cecilus in Sword Identity Part 2 side story, that the duel resulted in a draw.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Reinhard has the ability to gain any Divine Protection he feels like he needs in a specific situation and permanently keep them. This gives him access to a wide array of Divine Protections. They are granted to him by Od Lagna, which is even capable of creating new Divine Protections that never existed before, but sometimes there are errors in conveying his intention, and Reinhard doesn't get a proper Divine Protection. This ability is confirmed to be unrelated to him being the Sword Saint. He can also erase Divine Protections from his possession, as seen when he gained and erased his Divine Protection of Mind-Changing, when he was a five year old child, before he even became the Sword Saint.

  • Sword Saint (剣聖 Kensei): Reinhard is the current generation's Sword Saint and is the current possessor of the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint (剣聖の加護 Kensei no Kago), which he inherited when he was 5 years old, after the passing of his grandmother, the previous generation's Sword Saint Theresia van Astrea. This Divine Protection allowed Reinhard to instantly reach the very zenith of his swordsman potential. Immediately after receiving it, the five year old boy swiftly defeated the current Deputy-Commander of the Royal Knights and his father–Heinkel Astrea–in a duel. The Divine Protection also allows Reinhard to see the trajectories of incoming attacks in form of white rays, be it sword or axe slashes, or incoming arrows or knives; by simply following the optimal path showed to him by the Sword God, Reinhard will parry every single incoming attack, hit every weak spot of enemies and come out victorious. According to the author, even if he didn't have this Divine Protection, Reinhard's sword skills would be the same.[4]
  • Various combat oriented Divine Protections:
    Reinhard vs Elsa

    Reinhard skillfully parrying Elsa's lightning fast multi-directional slashes with his Divine Protections.

    As mentioned above, Reinhard holds an insanely rich arsenal of Divine Protections. To name just a few of his combat oriented abilities; 80% of all magic attacks from all six magic types is dispersed away or neutralized, he gets stronger when he's standing under the blue sky, rainy sky, night sky and when he's bleeding, he can move at superhuman speeds, any projectile thrown against him automatically changes their trajectory making him unable to get hit by projectiles, he cannot get ambushed and the first attack will always miss unless he willingly takes the hit, the following attacks will also miss unless he's physically unable to avoid them, he is a master in unarmed combat and he will automatically master any weapon he picks up even if he never saw or handled it before, just to name a few. In total, Reinhard is said to possess more than one-hundred Divine Protections and the amount of them will not stop growing as long as he feels like he needs them.

Master Swordsman: Reinhard was born with an inhuman sword talent. He was 5 years old when he received the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint and immediately defeated his father Heinkel Astrea in a duel. At that age, Reinhard was already stronger than the average Royal Knight, only being bested by exceptional and renowned knights such as Julius Juukulius, Bordeaux Zellgef and Marcos Gildark.[5] Although not as skilled as the legendary Reid Astrea, Reinhard's skill with the sword is undoubtedly among the most impressive in the current days, perhaps only being rivalled by Cecilus Segmunt. Roughly 3 years later, when Reinhard turned 8, he was already regarded as a potential national threat and according to the author himself, by that age, Reinhard van Astrea already was among the strongest characters in the series.

  • Mana-Sucking Sword Slash:
    Reinhard using the Swordplay of Astrea Family

    Reinhard using an immensely powerful slash to decimate Elsa.

    Reinhard unleashes a devastating attack that destroys everything around him and splits space in half. When Reinhard decides to perform the attack, the mana surrounding him is sucked from the atmosphere and the temperature of the air is noted to drastically drop. His blade begins to give off a brilliant white light and upon slashing down on the opponent, the area in front of him is blown apart, as seen when he blew up the Stolen Goods Warehouse in Arc 1 and the church in Arc 5. Coupled with his Divine Protection which allows him to always land his first attack, this attack is devastating for the opponent if used as an opening move. Reinhard usually uses it as his opening attack on extremely strong foes like Regulus Corneas. And though strong individuals like Elsa have been able to survive this attack, it is generally capable of vaporizing human beings as shown in the Oboreru IF. A downside to this technique is that Reinhard requires a weapon in order to perform it, but said weapon, even if of astounding craftsmanship, will be destroyed immediately thereafter. The sole exception appears to be the Dragon Sword Reid, which is said to be indestructible.
  • A Slash of the Dragon Sword Reid:
    Reinhard van Astrea using the Dragon Sword Reid against Beast of the End

    Reinhard using the Dragon Sword Reid to defeat the Beast of the End with one devastating swing.

    Reinhard unsheathes his blade whenever the sword deems Reinhard's opponent worthy of its divine power. Reinhard will take an offensive stance, usually lifting the blade far above his head, preparing himself to end it with a single strike. Similarly to his mana-sucking sword technique, the blade will slowly start to emit a dazzling white light which will soon enough engulf the entire battlefield, blinding the opponents and passers-by. If he's aiming to cleanly dispose of the unlucky foe, he'll swing the blade, cutting everything along its arc, as seen when he fought the previous Sword Saint's reanimated corpse. In his simulated battle against Puck, however, Reinhard used the Dragon Sword in combination with his aforementioned sword skill; with a single swing, the Sword Saint unleashed a destructive wave that incinerated everything in its path, including the Beast of the End. Along the blade's slash the sky split in half, leaving cracks running across it, the ground crumbled and the mana swirled in a vortex, completely destroying the world itself. In the next instant, the world was born anew without any consequences or anomalies left behind. Both attacks are the very peak of what Reinhard van Astrea is capable of doing and what he will do if the situation calls for it.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to the Dragon Sword being useless for most of the fights he has to take, Reinhard is most of the times forced to use his bare hands to fight. With his Divine Protection of Unarmed Combat, Reinhard mastered hand-to-hand combat at early age; his hand is more often than not more effective than a sword and can easily bisect a person in half with a single swing of his bare arm. Reinhard's natural strength was far above that exhibited by regular human beings. In his mighty grip, sturdy materials like steel would bend and shatter, and on his journey to the Vollachia Empire, he even cut Moguro Hagane's steel limb off with a single swing of his bare hand,[6] whose body possessed the durability to endure attacks from Julius Juukulius's sword without suffering any kind of injury. He is also capable of delivering devastating kicks that shatter the floor on impact and are able to send even a stone golem that weighs a couple hundred kilograms flying without much resistance. Reinhard could also swing the sheathed Dragon Sword hard enough to create a torrent of wind that parted the air around it.

Defective Gate: According to Eridna, Reinhard's gate is unable to release the mana inside of his body back out into the atmosphere, though she mentions that he is able to absorb an incredible amount and that it doesn't cause any harm to his body as he uses all of his mana to boost his physical abilities. Because of this, he can make others unable to use any magic or spiritual arts while he's absorbing mana. Also, Reinhard has no affinity with magic, making him unable to use it at all. Furthermore, according to the author, the exact state of Reinhard's Gate at birth is considered a spoiler.

Excess Mana Circulation Constitution (マナ過剰循環体質):

Reinhard putting Felt to sleep

Reinhard putting Felt to sleep by draining her mana.

Ever since birth, Reinhard's gate was defective, which means he is unable to use any kind of magic. That being said, he can still absorb mana from the atmosphere to bolster his own physical capabilities and nullify incoming magical attacks almost entirely, preventing him from suffering a blow from magic under normal circumstances unless a mage were to alter the composition of a spell mid-casting. He can also channel mana into a weapon, increasing its overall strength and durability. Whenever Reinhard absorbs mana, everyone within a certain vicinity of him is unable to use magic through the usage of external mana, as all mana from the atmosphere diverts to him. People aren't the only creatures affected by the diversion of mana Reinhard causes, as spirits are also unable to draw from it. Reinhard can also drain energy from people directly. After years of having to control his own power, Reinhard can control the amount of mana he drains from a person. By draining a small amount of it, Reinhard can induce a state of sleep in his target as shown when he easily put Felt to sleep. He can also potentially absorb enough energy from a person or a spirit to kill or permanently effect/harm them.

Pseudo Spirit Affinity: Lesser spirits are attracted to Reinhard and try to heal him whenever he is injured, however, he himself is unable to order or use these spirits. His attraction is on par with Julius' Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits (誘精の加護) and is so strong, that Beatrice–a great spirit–preferred avoiding him as much as possible, during the events of Arc 5.

Superhuman Stealth: All of Reinhard's movements are completely silent due to a Divine Protection he received at birth. The ability is passive, meaning Reinhard doesn't have to think about acting stealthily to do so. Individuals with an enhanced sense of hearing cannot detect Reinhard's approach, even if he isn't trying to be unnoticed. Felix Argyle, a demi-human with a greatly enhanced sense of hearing, noted that Reinhard was the only person who had ever successfully snuck up on him.

Superhuman Leaping: With the power of his leg muscles, Reinhard is easily able to leap incredible distances in a single bound. During the incident in the House Arglye, roughly a year before the events of the main story, the Sword Saint was able to effortlessly leap from the ground and reach the cloud line and land on top of a Flying Dragon, maintaining balance on the flying beast which was said to be borderline impossible by a human being.

Superhuman Movements: With a combination of his Divine Protection of the Sword Saint and various movement and awareness-based Divine Protections, Reinhard is on such a level of agility and awareness, that he can dodge anything and everything he wishes to dodge, in the most inhuman ways and in a fraction of a second. During Oboreru IF story, upon entering the Pandemonium, he was instantly greeted by Cecilus Segmunt's lightning-fast slash performed with his 1st sword Murasame. Reinhard managed to skilfully block it by jumping and rotating mid-air, parrying the incoming sword slash with his sheathed Dragon Sword which was still strapped to his waist. During his fight with with Regulus Corneas in Arc 5, Reinhard skillfully avoided a multitude of invisible pockets of air which's time had been stopped by the Sin Archbishop of Greed's Authority of Greed. He had done so by utilising his insane intuition and reflexes, avoiding them mere centimetres from contact.

  • Superhuman Speed: Naturally, speed is no exemption from his superhuman movements. Reinhard is easily able to traverse long distances in mere seconds, navigating through the Water Gate City of Priestella with ease and swiftness, responding to cries of help in mere 30 seconds, despite him being located on the other side of the city. This ability proves especially effective during fights, as he's easily able to reduce several tens of meters worth of distance between him and his enemies, in a blink of an eye.

Superhuman Reflexes: Another ability gained through his numerous Divine Protections, Reinhard can respond to threats in less than a second by moving reflexively. During his first duel with the Vollachia Empire's strongest warrior, Reinhard deflected numerous lightning-fast blows from the Divine General, by simply acting on his reflexes. Shortly after escaping, he took on thirty highly skilled assassins from the Insect Cage Clan using sacred and unconventional weaponry and ways of attacking–once more, by simply relying on his reflexes, Reinhard skillfully deflected and parried all of them without fail.

Superhuman Intuition: Reinhard's intelligence is stated to be average, but his intuition is incredible, meaning he will always take the most optimal decisions, ensuring his victory in a fight. With just his intuition, he can instantly tell the physical condition of his opponents in battle, by how their bodies feel when he hits them with a weapon. His Divine Protections allow him to quickly learn things he was previously inexperienced in. By simply following his sixth sense, Reinhard easily traversed through an entire city in mere thirty seconds, when he was summoned by one of his comrades.


  • As the current generation's Sword Saint, Reinhard wields the legendary Dragon Sword Reid (龍剣レイド Ryūken Reido) which has been passed down from one Sword Saint to another, ever since the era of Reid Astrea four centuries ago. The sword can only be drawn against opponents it deems worthy for it to be used against. Currently, Reinhard has only been confirmed to have drawn his sword on four different occasions–against the Blue Lightning 3–4 months before Subaru's arrival, against a deceased family member in Arc 5's climax and on two other separate occasions against currently unknown individuals.[7] He can also use the sword in its sheath as shown during his battle with the Sin Archbishop of Greed in the climax of Arc 5, and it is the only object in the series tough enough to withstand the latter's Authority of Greed. It is mentioned that the sword was created by an unnamed master swordsmith and was blessed by the Sword God (剣神, Kenshin), before it was given to Reid Astrea. The sword's sheath is called Dragon Claw (龍爪, Ryūsō), as the grooves on it are said to have been made by the Divine Dragon itself.


  • Reinhard's birthday is on the 1st of January, which also happens to be New Year's Day.
  • According to the author, Reinhard is scheduled to have a named chapter in the final Arc of the story.
  • He and Felt are scheduled to be more active towards the latter Arcs of the series.
  • According to the author, Reinhard was named after Reinhard von Lohengramm from Legend of the Galactic Heroes.[8]
  • In Greek mythology, Astraea was a goddess representing the concepts of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. The author of the series likely garnered inspiration from Astraea when naming the House of Astrea, as the family exemplified many of the traits exhibited by the goddess. Reinhard in particular personified the traits of justice and purity almost perfectly.
  • Any text written in Reinhard's POV is considered a major spoiler.[9]
  • The author stated that Reinhard van Astrea is the strongest character in the series[10] and no stronger characters are scheduled to appear in the story.
    • He often compared his strength with Godzilla.[11]
    • Despite him being the strongest, he still wouldn't be able to kill the Witch of Envy, due to their affinities. Reinhard would not be able to bypass her immortality and Satella would not be able to land a finishing hit.
    • He's fully aware of his own strength and is respectively aware of himself being the strongest person in the world.
  • It was stated that Reinhard could easily destroy the world if he so wished.
    • When asked how much time it would take him to completely destroy it, the author replied that it would take him approximately the same amount of time as it would take Godzilla to destroy Eurasia.[12]
  • Reinhard is likely the 7th or 8th Sword Saint in his lineage.
  • By the time he was 8 years old, the Kingdom already issued the "Reinhard law", preventing him from freely visiting other countries, meaning he was already considered a national threat by that age and the strongest character in the series.
  • Even if he lost all of his Divine Protections, Reinhard would retain his superhuman skill with a sword, only being unable to defeat those who are basically cheating, like Regulus and Satella.
  • The author has stated that Reinhard would be able to defeat Od Lagna in a battle, if it ever came to that.
  • Reinhard would be able to fight Volcanica one-on-one if he'd draw the Dragon Sword Reid.[13]
    • When asked how Volcanica's strength would compare with Reinhard's, he stated it's like King Ghidorah (Volcanica) vs Godzilla (Reinhard).
  • He is the most handsome male character in the series, according to the author.[14]
  • Reinhard's favorite color is, rather befittingly, red. He likes it because of how it sparkles and stands out from the rest.
  • Reinhard with most of his Divine Protections disabled is still strong enough to defeat Cecilus Segmunt and kill both Puck and Halibel while being gravely wounded from his fight with the aforementioned Blue Lightning.[15]
  • The author stated he would be able to move through a rainstorm without getting a single drop of water on him.[16]
  • Reinhard is so powerful that even Subaru is unable to find a way to defeat him, despite having unlimited tries and unlimited ways of tackling the "Reinhard threat". In fact, no matter which character would decide to try and destroy the world, they wouldn't be able to, as Reinhard would always stand in their way, spoiling their plans.
  • Reinhard received his honorary title of "van" at the early age of 8. Incidentally, it's the same year as when the "Reinhard Law" passed, effectively rendering the young boy unable to travel and move outside the Kingdom.[17]
  • In Arc 1, during Elsa's attack, Felt ran for help and encountered Reinhard who she asked for assistance. The author later revealed that the place where the two encountered each other for the first time was the same place where Wilhelm Trias and Theresia van Astrea first met, 40 years before the start of the main story.[18]
  • Contrary to popular misconceptions and beliefs, Reinhard is not able to gain a Divine Protection just by wishing for it.
  • Reinhard is aware of Reid Astrea's vile personality, despite never meeting him in person.
  • Despite his fight against Regulus where he was forced to rely on others rather than just on himself, Reinhard still does not feel like relying on others is something "worth doing".
  • During his fight with Regulus in Arc 5, Reinhard was thrown to the very Moon. He survived and lunged himself back to Priestella.[19]
  • Reinhard is drawn with the wrong sword hilt, on the cover of Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 4.
  • In Isekai Quartet, Reinhard's strength is often played for laughs, as is the sheer quantity of Divine Protections he has. Among his gag Divine Protections were a Protection that ensured him victory in any tug-of-war game, a Protection that protected him against Kazuma Satou's Steal ability, and a Protection that allowed him to shove his burdens onto other people.
  • In the mobile game Re:Zero Lost in Memories, Reinhard is one of the only two units who intentionally don't have a death animation, with the other unit being Regulus Corneas. Upon being defeated, Reinhard will simply leap backwards off the field.
  • According to the author, Reinhard's favourite food is chocolate.
  • In the Re:Zero EX chapter commonly referred to as Mimagau IF, Reinhard makes an appearance as a red haired swordswoman named Adelheid (アーデルハイト).
  • Reinhard can sense miasma.[20]


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