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Reisel (ライゼル) was one of Ricardo's colleagues back when Ricardo was a slave.


Reisel is a brown Tanuki-human who wears traditional Japanese-style clothing.


Reisel was originally a slave who was forced to work in the mines doing hard labour. He met Ricardo Welkin there, forming a friendship with him. Reisel organised numerous slave rebellions, and in one of them, he and some others escaped, though Ricardo was not invited to it.  Five years after that, in the story Kararagi Girl & Cat's Eye, Reisel entered a bar and met with his old friend Ricardo. He requested Ricardo to do him a favor by stealing from a cargo full of goods. Ricardo asked what his aim was, and Reisel replied that he intended to steal a Meteor from it. 

On a mountainside outside of Banan, both Ricardo and Reisel tried to ambush the cargo, Shiroro emerged from the cart and attempted to cut off Ricardo's head. Whilst that happened, Reisel stole the cart, leaving Ricardo behind as he battled against Shiroro.

However, the cargo had been switched with empty boxes, thus Reisel wasn't able to recover the Meteor he was looking for. In rage, he used his own Meteor that Mother had given him to create shadows to locate the real shipment, and kill those who stole them. His plan was thwarted by the combined efforts of Anastasia, Echidna and Ricardo.

As a result of his defeat, Reisel destroyed the meteor that was given to him by his Mother, Capella. Capella came to the scene where the weak and sprawling Reisel was in front of her. He begged that he wanted a second chance, but Capella didn't allow for his failure. She touched his forehead and used her authority, making Reisel lose all of his limbs, his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and transformed him into something inhuman.


Void Garb (虚影装 Kyokagesou): A meteor that was loaned to Reisel by Capella. It allows the user to create shadowy humanoid figures using their hair that can be controlled. The user shares in the shadows senses, including in their sense of sight and pain. The Void Garb was destroyed by Reisel to stop the recoil of his shadows being destroyed killing him.