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Reize (レーゼ) is a citizen of Kararagi and one of the only few surviving Oni, besides Rem and Ram.

Currently, her only appearance can be traced to a non-canonical spinoff story titled Re:Zero IF.


Reize is a young woman with very short brown hair and light blue eyes.


Reize is a calm woman, yet she can be easily angered by the Witch Cult members as they were the ones that destroyed her village, making her extremely vengeful and ruthless towards anyone who emits a miasma.


Reize lived in a village in Kararagi, but like Rem and Ram's village, it was attacked by the Witch Cult. On the night of the attack, something was poured into her ear by a mysterious figure, which then gave her the ability to smell the witch's miasma. Despite her poor odds, she survived and sought power to take revenge.

Sometime later, Reize received a part of Zarestia's Light Sphere powers and is currently seeking for revenge.


Light Sphere (光珠 Mi Tama): Reize received a part of Zarestia's power from the Light Sphere. A gem that serves as Zarestia's spirit vessel, the source and store of her power.

Unknown Ability: On the night her village was destroyed, Reize was approached by a mysterious figure, who poured "something" into her ear. Following that incident, Reize was able to smell the miasma. With this ability, Reize can easily locate people who are emitting a strong miasma, similarly to how Rem can smell Subaru's miasma after the latter Returns by Death. It is revealed by Echidna in Re: Kasaneru IF that this is a natural ability of the Oni tribe as well as their purpose for existing.


  • Along with Rem and Ryuzu Shima, Reize is one of the few characters capable of smelling the Witch's miasma.