Reize (レーゼ) is a citizen of Kararagi.


Reize is a young woman with really short brown hair and light blue eyes.


Reize is a calm woman, yet she can be really angry towards the Witch Cult members as they were the ones that destroyed her village, making her extremely vengeful.


Reize lived in a village in Kararagi, but like Rem and Ram's village, it was attacked by the Witch Cult. At the time of the attack, something was poured into her body by Capella Emerada Lugnica. However, she survived and sought power to take revenge. Sometime later, Reize received a part of Zarestia's Light Sphere powers and now seeks for revenge.


Light Sphere: Reize received a part of Zarestia's power from the Light Sphere. A gem that serves as Zarestia's spirit vessel, the source and store of her power


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