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This page is about the character. For the anime episode, see Re:Zero Episode 11.

Rem (レム) is a maid in service of Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers alongside her sister, Ram. She is one of the main supporting characters of Re:Zero, with major roles in Arc 2, Arc 3, and Arc 7. During the first half of Arc 2, she also served as the secondary antagonist.

While initially distrustful of Subaru, she eventually opened up to him and even developed strong feelings for him after he saved her. However, at the end of Arc 3, she had her name and memories eaten by Lye Batenkaitos and subsequently fell into suspended animation. At the end of Arc 6, she finally woke up from her slumber following Lye's death, but now suffers amnesia due to not having yet regained her memories. She was transported to the Sacred Vollachia Empire with Subaru and Rui Arneb, still without her name and memories.


Rem has medium length sky blue hair that covers her right eye, large light blue eyes, and young features. She also has hair clips towards the left side of her hair, a flower-shaped ribbon on the same side of her hair, and a maid hairband. She looks nearly identical to her sister apart from her hair, eyes, and ribbon colouring. She usually wears a maid uniform, and since her chest is slightly larger than her sister's, she secretly changes the measurements to hide it.


Rem tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking. She holds both respect to the point of worship and guilt toward her sister as a result of a past incident. Because of her respect and guilt toward her sister, she used to think of herself as inferior. After Subaru saves her, she falls deeply in love with him, becoming one of his most loyal followers. Rem will stick with him no matter what happens, even if Subaru rejects himself.

After having awoken from an almost two year long slumber, Rem's memories were completely erased, leaving her in a state similar to that of Crusch at the end of Arc 3. She's very wary of everyone, especially Subaru, even going as far as trying to strangle him twice and set up decoy paths and traps in order to get away from him, as she considers him dangerous due to a combination of the overwhelming Witch's Miasma seaping from him after his numerous deaths, as well as his resentment for the last Sin Archbishop of Gluttony and refusal to help her in her current state, for Rem sees Rui as just an innocent child.


Rem lived with her father, mother, and her elder sister Ram in an Oni village. Initially, because they were born with one horn each, it meant they were defective in the view of the Oni community, who believe in individual strength above all else, and were despised for it. They were to be killed as part of the custom of Oni to protect their pride as the strongest of the demi-humans. However, just before the execution, Ram displayed the potential of her power to protect them both, which shocked the community. Being allowed to live thanks to her older sister, who had an aptitude that had not been seen in a millennium among Oni kind, Rem spent the rest of her days in her shadow. Despite the presence of her sister also raising expectations for herself in the community, she could never meet them or surpass her sister in any area, which earned her disappointment from the other villagers. However, Rem loved her sister and accepted her place behind her and her parents still cared for them both deeply, even if she herself found it difficult to believe in front of the brilliance of her older sister. One night Rem's life changed forever when the village was attacked by the Witch Cult around 6 years before the beginning of the story, during which her sister's horn was cut off by Faust. The whole village got destroyed and her parents and the other citizens were killed, except for her and Ram.

Ever since then, Rem's inferiority complex had deepened due to a sense of guilt for momentarily feeling joy for her sister's injury that night, so she made the utmost effort to become a replacement for her sister as ideal a servant as possible to atone for what she felt had robbed from Ram with her. But even having reached a certain level of perfection, she still has a low level of self-esteem and continues to idealize Ram.


Magic (魔法, Mahō): Rem is skilled at water magic. Roswaal, who taught her how to use it, estimates her skills being above average but nothing exceptional. She is able to attack and heal using her magic.

  • Healing Magic (治癒魔法, Chiyu Mahō): Rem summons water mana to heal the wounds of herself and others, however it only affects physical ones.
  • Huma (ヒューマ): Rem creates a shining water barrier that blocks other projectiles and sorts of magic. However, if the incoming magic is stronger than the shield, it will get through it and cause damage to the user.
    • El Huma (エル・ヒューマ): Rem forms and shoots multitudes of ice spears from her hands which easily pierces through and crushes flesh that vanish a moment afterwards. She is also able to freeze liquid such as blood, effectively creating deadly spikes out of her enemies' blood, impaling unsuspected foes.
    • Ul Huma (ウル・ヒューマ): Rem materializes and shoots three pillars of ice, each as thick as a hundred spears bundled together.
    • Al Huma (アル・ヒューマ): Rem creates a sharp ten meter long spear of ice.

Synesthesia (共感覚, Kyōkankaku):

Rem - Synesthesia

Rem receiving a warning from Ram, through Synesthesia.

An ability that she shares with her sister. It allows them to share their feelings with each other through telepathy. This ability debuted during Arc 3 when Rem brought Subaru to the mansion, and half-way through, Rem received the same damage as Ram when she died. During Arc 6, it's revealed that it can also be used to transmit mana, allowing Rem to effectively serve as "Ram's horn".

Oni Bloodline (鬼の血族, Oni no Ketsuzoku):

As she is an Oni, Rem can enter her Oni form, manifesting a single white horn on her forehead. As an Oni, Rem, like the rest of her race, has physical attributes that surpass that of regular humans. She is capable of killing witchbeasts with her bare fists and showed no strain in carrying Subaru. Onis were also capable of manifesting a pair of pink energy-like long-curved horns out of their foreheads. While manifesting the horn, vibrant pink energy exudes from Rem's forehead. Despite appearing to not have a physical form, the horn still acts like a physical part of the body, as Ram's was sliced off by a dagger. While manifested, an Oni's horns would awaken their instincts and act as a gate that allowed the Oni to absorb mana from the atmosphere, significantly increasing its ferocity and physical abilities. If an Oni over-exerted themselves while manifesting its horns, it was likely that the recoil would render them weak. As a twin, Rem was born with a single horn that appeared smaller than an average Oni's, meaning her power in her Oni state was lower than her kin's.

Unknown Ability: Rem can smell the Witch's Scent, something that only a few individuals in the series so far, are capable of doing. It is currently unknown how Rem is capable of doing this, though it most likely stems from the night her village was attacked and destroyed by the Witch Cult, as prior to that event, Rem never displayed such an ability. It is revealed by Echidna in Re:IF Kasaneru that this is a natural ability of the Oni tribe as well as their purpose for existing despite the fact that her sister does not appear to possess this power.

Equipment: Rem wields a weapon called the Morningstar (モーニングスター, Mōningusutā) in combat. The weapon takes shape of a giant metal spiked ball on long metal chains. She can use the Morningstar for offense as it's capable of dealing devastating injuries to her opponents.


  • According to the author, Rem's birthday is February 2, the same as her twin sister Ram.
  • Rem likes to read in her spare time.
  • She normally handles 80% of the workload in the mansion on her own. Subaru is usually paired up with Ram to take care of the rest of it.
  • Rem's rapid popularity surprised even the author himself, although he had mentioned that he somewhat anticipated it.
  • She is also the first character to profess her feelings towards Subaru.
  • Along with Reize and Ryuzu Shima, Rem is one of the few characters capable of smelling the Witch's miasma.
  • Rem has her own named chapter in Arc 2, in both the Web and Light Novels, as well in the Anime.
  • She doesn’t eat pickily, but she doesn’t particularly like mayonnaise.
  • Rem describes the scent of the witch as: the scent of blood and death mixed with mud, like a killer smell.
  • A Love Song for EMT side story, Rem is interested in Liliana's songs and has a deep knowledge of poetry and traditional songs.
  • Rem often talks to herself when she is alone, as Subaru sometimes does.
  • Rem without her fears and traumas is actually a very energetic, goofy or "genki" girl, which Ram notes and loves in the side stories about her sister.