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Ricardo Welkin (リカード・ウェルキン) is one of Anastasia Hoshin's followers and the captain of the mercenary group called Fang of Iron.


Ricardo is a large wolfin with two large tusks hanging from the sides of his mouth. He has green eyes, a muscular build and is covered with short brown body fur with an oblong, dark-brown mane which he adorns as a mohican with two small red braids coming from the sides of his mane. He has tan-color fur on his chest, biceps, mouth, and palms, and he has a dark-brown beard.

Ricardo wears long, black toeless pants, black arm guards, and white wrappings under his dark-colored clothes on his arms and waist along with an orange belt. He also wears a shoulder guard that has a logo representing the Hoshin Trading Company. In the web novel, Ricardo's fur was originally reddish brown and he had black eyes. However, his fur was changed to regular brown, and his eyes to green in the light novel so that he camouflaged better with the environment. In the anime, his eyes are turquoise and the wrapping on his shoulder guard is made from leather instead of being a chain like in the light novel. He was also given paws on the soles of his feet in the anime unlike in the light novel.

In Anastasia's flashback in the manga, Ricardo legs were covered with a white wrapping on his ankles and he wore waraji on his feet, rather like Al's design. This garb is not worn by Ricardo in Arc 3

During the battle in Priestella, Roy Alphard sliced off Ricardo's right arm at the elbow. As a result he now has a prosthetic hook fitted to his stump.


Ricardo is usually laid back and outgoing, and he talks in a loud voice which sounds like a heavy wind blowing by. As the captain of the Fang of Iron, he usually calms his teammates down right before battling, such as making jokes to make others laugh. Like Anastasia, Ricardo speaks with a Kansai dialect.

Not only that Ricardo is the strongest member of the Fang of Iron, but he's also the greatest tactician. He carefully thinks before he plans out for an attack. However, he tends to be rash as he has a habit of heading straight into battle; he'd usually listens to Hetaro's orders during battle.


Before Ricardo worked with Anastasia, he was formerly a slave. He was passing by down an alleyway, where he spotted four slave traders trying to capture a young girl with purple hair. Ricardo successfully prevented them from stealing off with the girl and killed all four of them. During that time, he decided that he would take her from the streets and get her a job. He secured her a job and the two of them had a last conversation before parting for a while. She pledged that she would remove his collar one day, which had been left as a reminder of what he had been. Ricardo would remember her pledge from that moment on.

Around a month later, Ricardo returned to the bar as he liked to check up on Anastasia every so often to make sure she was getting on well, but to his dismay, he did not find Anastasia there. He learned that she had joined a company called the Chuden Company in the east side of Banan. Ricardo knew that he had to check on Anastasia at once, worried that the company could be a pretext for one that dealt with slaves.

Ricardo immediately headed to the Chuden Company, where he met Chuden at the reception, as well as Anastasia. Ricardo demanded to know what he wanted with Anastasia, suspecting foul play, but Chuden assuaged his fears and told Ricardo he had hired the girl because he had been astonished at how talented she was. Ricardo eventually accepted Anastasia working for Chuden, and he offered his services as a mercenary to him. Chuden accepted and hired Ricardo to work at the company as his personal bodyguard. He was given a new collar that marked his status as the "hound" of the company, though the collar had its control gem removed.

Sometime later, Chuden put him in charge of hunting down thieves and bandits in the outskirts of Banan.

During his hunt, he encountered with the multi-armed demi-human named Didorii. Didorii threw insults at Ricardo because his race was on the verge of extinction. Ricardo denied that he was a wolfin and insisted he was a kobold, but Didorii didn't buy it, proclaiming that wolfins taught themselves to tell lies in order to survive. Later, Ricardo, along with his mercenary group, ambushed the slave trading company and challenged Didorii in a one-on-one combat. He won the battle against Didorii and killed him.


Demi-Human Senses:

Ricardo Strength - 2.gif

Due to his demi human blood, Ricardo has hightened senses, such as excellent eyesight, incredible hearing, and a keen sense of smell.

Physical Strength: Ricardo mainly fights hand to hand using both instinct and intuition that has been honed over many years.

Resonance Wave: During his battle against Didorii, Ricardo unleashes a burst of violent destructive mana from his mouth, however, unlike the Pearlbaton triplets, he can do it all on his own as he is the one who thought of that ability. But compared to Mimi who reduces the burden by dispersing it, Reasonance Wave used by a single person is a huge burden to the body. He can unleash a powerful force from the attack as many times as he wants to, however, if he used it too often, he can sustain significant backlash, such as vomiting blood and creating large cuts from the edges of his mouth.

Equipment: Ricardo wields a large great sword that is shaped as an hatchet.

  • Liger (ライガー Raigā):

    The Fang of Iron riding on their Ligers onto the White Whale.

    Ricardo and the members of the Fang of Iron ride on large grey wolves called Ligers. Although they are similar to Earth Dragons, Ligers lack strength, but they are more agile and have higher speed and endurance. They have a high chance of winning if they were to fight in melee combat.
  • Prosthetic Iron Hook: Following his battle with Roy Alphard in Arc 5, Ricardo permanently lost his right arm, as it was tossed into a nearby water canal and was unable to be located and reattached. Due to this devastating injury, Ricardo has lost a significant degree of his former strength. However, even with this debilitating injury, he is still able to fight and even implements it as a means of inflicting damage to others.


  • Ricardo likes to make jokes and imitates a dog as it is a part of his hobby.
  • Similarly to Anastasia, Ricardo likes to drink alcohol-based drinks, most presumably Sake.
  • The reason why Ricardo refers to Anastasia as "Ana-bo" is likely because when he had met her, he had taken her for a boy.