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Rickert Hoffman (リッケルト・ホフマン) is a civil servant in Kingdom of Lugnica. Debuting in Arc 3's early stages, Rickert is yet to play a pivotal role in the main story.


Rickert is a man in his 40s with a small moustache and short slick-back grey hair. He can usually be seen wearing a nobles' attire, befitting of his position in the Kingdom.


Rickert is shown to be a rather cowardly and ill-witted man. Due to his appearances being rather scarce, we don't know much about him. Having said that, Rickert did express a deep level of dissatisfaction with the Royal Knight Order, saying they shouldn't be trusted with a task of locating the 5th Royal Candidate, as it's far too important for their rank. This also suggests Rickert is a heavy believer in aristocracy and will look down on people of a lower class than him.


Sword Demon Battle Ballad side story

During the Subjugation of the Evil Dragon, Rickert was visiting the city of Picoutatte, and was amidst the crowd that ran through the city streets in a frenzy. At some point, Rickert was saved by Razak Gildark, who saved the boy from an impending death, however, he himself died during the process.


  • According to the author, Rickert will have a named chapter.