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Valga Cromwell (バルガ・クロムウェル), commonly known as Old Man Rom (ロム爺 Romu-jī), is a member of the Felt Camp and the former owner of the Stolen Goods Warehouse.


Rom sports a bulky figure. As a giant, he stands at a towering 7'3, though his hunchback-like style of walking makes him look shorter. He has white strands of hair lining his eyebrows and is bald. He wears a sleeveless vest and possesses a crimson symbol across the left side of his head. His primary weapon is a massive club that he uses to smash opponents.

When he was young, he was much leaner, and his eyebrows stood up in addition to having more hair. He wore black pants, a red cape, and bone bracelets and necklace.


Rom is a good-natured giant, with honest intentions when it comes to evaluating trinkets. He is a known alcoholic and frequents the enjoyments of drinking. When it comes to strangers, he isn't afraid of them, and he has a high awareness when it comes to sensing hostility.

When he was young, he held an immense hatred for Humans, enough for him to allow the usage of the Immortal King's Sacrament, which was a prohibited art.


Rom was born and raised as the slave of a noble, but he was saved by Libre, and since then he fostered a hatred of humans.

He was one of the three commanders of the Demi-human Alliance during the Demi-human War, serving as the chief staff officer. He fought against Wilhelm and Bordeaux at Lugnica castle and lost. He subsequently got lost underground and managed to survive, later becoming the owner of the Stolen Goods Warehouse.

He is mentioned to have known Doltero Amule, most likely because of the Demi-Human War, and is old friends with him. Sometime later, his organization lent Echidna's meteor to him.


Equipment: Rom wields a Spiked Club in combat.

Strength: Rom has great strength befitting his size, being able to casually swing around a large club with one hand and crush wooden floor with ease.

Weaknesses: He possesses little to no combat power and experience. His giant form is sustained through a combination of a magic circle created by Sphinx and bones of his ancestors lodged in his chest, if one was to pull them out he would revert to his regular state.


  • According to the author, Rom's birthday is February 20.