Roswaal Julia Mathers (ロズワール・J・メイザース) is the ancestor of Roswaal L Mathers, the mother of Roswaal K Mathers and the head of the Roswaal House two generations earlier.


Julia has long indigo hair with different colored eyes, the right one being blue and the left one being yellow. While her overall appearance is similar to her descendant, she instead wears a purple top, white tights, black boots, and a black and red cape.


Julia sacrificed herself to save Carol Remendis and died, even though she hadn't expected to die then because it was not written in her Gospel. Galic Fabless' son was born, not from love and marriage, but because Julia simply wanted his offspring in order to retain someone of his talents.


Martial Arts: Unlike the other Roswaal, this one was modified by the original Roswaal to have no magic capabilities whatsoever in order to combat Sphinx's abilities. She capable of delivering powerful bone shattering blows with finesse.

Metal Throwing Balls: A type of projectile Julia specifically for fighting Sphinx. Despite their small size they contain a lot of mass that allows them to sink into the target that is stuck with them dealing significant damage.

Equipment: Roswaal J. possesses two black gloves which she uses during combat. It's said those gloves were given to her by one of her ancestors, and are able to stop even the edge of the Sword Saint's sword.


  • Starting with his original body, Roswaal has been changing his middle initial every time he possesses a new descendant. His original initial was A, making his current body his 10th one.


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