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The Royal Army (王国軍 Ōkoku-gun) are the armed forces of the Kingdom of Lugnica. The Royal Army is responsible for guarding its borders, maintaining order over unruly territory, and participating in its wars. Much of the military generally consist of common soldiers, armored guards, knights and military officers.

The army, for the most part is unseen throughout the story, and is mostly involved in endeavors unrelated to the Witch Cult.


The Royal Army is tasked with defending the kingdom from dangers, from Demon Beasts to the Demi-Humans to the Vollachia Empire.

Many aspects of the army are unknown. It can be presumed that it is very similar in nature to a typical fantasy army, with sword-wielding infantry, magic casters, and armored knights all marching alongside. However, despite the medieval nature of the military, the Lugnican army is able to field magic artillery resembling Maser cannons.

Kingdom's Knights[]

Within the Royal Army are the Kingdom Knights (王国騎士団 Ōkokukishi-dan), whose total number is around 2000 strong. They are a class of dragon-mounted cavalry riders and form the professional core of the Armed Forces. The Knights corps are typically made up of the children of nobility and landholders, and as a result, the Kingdom Knights presumably have an inclusive in-group court culture that follows strict chivalric principals. Being entwined with the history of the country, its monarchy, and its politics, the Kingdom Knights hold considerable prestige and influence in the government. The Kingdom Knights are by far the most distinguished and showcased members of the Lugnican army.

The Knights corp consists of the "most skilled" and "most capable" members of society. The average Knight most likely receives much more training in all arts of combat and magics alike than the average soldier, as is expected of the nobility. Their weapon of choice seems to be a type of straight-edge, one-handed short-sword with the hilt of a rapier. The swords are shown to be effectively weightless. Unfortunately, it is not known if the pommels can be unscrewed in order to end opponents rightly.

On the other hand, their style of swordplay is defined by quick, decisive strikes, wide angle swings, lots of movement with heavy amounts of footwork, and a focus on clean cuts designed to slice straight through both animals and the magical arts alike. Such is the art of swordplay in a magical world.

There are a total of four divisions, with their members distinguishable by the color of the cape they wear. Starting from the first division, the cape colors are red, blue, green, and black.

The Kingdom Knights seem to have an unspoken agreement when it comes to the guardroom mess hall, being that the lower divisions always sit closest to the entrance, with the farthest tables reserved for members of the Royal Guard. Members of each division tend to group and socialize with other members of their own division.

Royal Guard[]

Within the Kingdom Knights are the Royal Guards (近衛騎士団), an elite group dedicated solely to the security and wellbeing of the Royal Family. They're currently being led by Captain Marcos Gildark.

The Royal Guard is described to be a group that anyone involved with the Kingdom Knights dreams of entering. They traditionally are tasked with protecting the king and the members of the royal family. All members of the Royal Guard are handpicked by the Captain Marcos and wear a white cape.

Julius Juukulius is unofficially considered the second-in-Command despite not being the "Deputy Commander". The role of Deputy Commander is seen as a ceremonial role with no real weight to its name, and is currently being held by Heinkel Astrea.

Following the incident involving the kidnapping of the Second Prince's daughter that happened roughly 14 years ago, the group was almost disbanded, after the former Captain of the Royal Guard Wilhelm van Astrea left their ranks, following the death of his wife, the previous generation's Sword Saint–Theresia van Astrea. It was only thanks to Marcos Gildark, that the Royal Guard managed to get back to their former glory. Formerly, those of a notable household or those with a strong backer had a large say in the entrance process, making the Royal Guard the most influential (and arguably most corruptible) power within the Kingdom, however those practices have long since been abolished.

Zellgef Squadron[]

The Zellgef Squadron is one of the most renowned military units in Lugnica, distinguishing itself during the Demi-Human War. The unit saw combat in most of the major battles. It was also this group that directly accompanied the former Sword Saint, Theresia van Astrea.

The unit was originally lead by Captain Bordeaux Zeligef and Vice Captain Pivot Arnancy. Many of the soldiers serving in this unit would go on to be figures instrumental in ending the war.