Royal Election Prequel: Reinhard vs Cecilus (王選前日譚、剣聖と雷光の銀華乱舞) is a short story featured in Gekkan Comic Alive. This story was later adapted into Re:Zero EX Light Novel Volume 4

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Part 1[edit | edit source]

Couple months before the story, at the border of the Kingdom of Lugnica and the Vollachia Empire, a lazy man was working as a guard to note reports of people crossing the border. Suddenly, the guard noticed a man standing near the border of the kingdom and the empire. Before he knows, the man crossed the border with extraordinary speed which is mentioned to be above a ground dragon's speed. Another guard comes to him and asks what happened if he saw something, but the guard claims that nothing happened, as he didn't want to be punished for his mistakes.

Some days later, Ferris and Julius Juukulius are aiming to maintain the law and order patrols until they reach the capital and hear people talk about the royal election, the death of the Lugnician royal family and the 41st king as a rumor crossed the kingdom about it. Suddenly, Julius stops as he sees Cecilus Segmunt at a restaurant in the capital of Lugnica. When Cecilus left the restaurant, he bumped into them and introduces himself again. Julius asked why and how he is here, but he claims that it doesn't matter as he didn't tell anyone. Making Julius nervous as Cecilus poses a great threat to the Kingdom, and his arrival at the capital should be treated as a major secret for the citizens.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

The Sword Saint accompanied an expedition to the northern part of Lugnica, an assignment that took over a week to complete. After his return, Reinhard reported back to Captain Marcus Gildark who gave some surprising news. The Blue Lightning of Vollachia Cecilus Segmunt, whom Reinhard had faced in the Empire a month prior, was in Lugnica looking to challenge Reinhard to a rematch. Cecilus had been visiting Lugnica search of a fugitive and had been able to apprehend his target with the assistance of Julius and Ferris. Now, with his formal mission accomplished, the Blue Lightning sought to face his rival for a second time. Reinhard, despite being worn from his travels, accepted the challenge. Marcos had had enough of dealing with the ambassador of the Empire, and so ordered Reinhard to demonstrate the true strength of Lugnica.

Later on, Reinhard headed to the training ground of the royal guard's barracks where his opponent awaited his arrival. Unlike before, the Blue Lightning wielded his best pair of blades in acknowledgment of his truly worthy rival. Reinhard entered into the grounds and halted several feet apart from his duelling partner. Falling into a bow, the Sword Saint politely greeted his opponent. The Blue Lightning earnestly thanked Reinhard for accepting his challenge, as he expected the Sword Saint to turn down his request on account of the long journey he had been through.

The two swordsmen briefly crossed to opposite sides of the arena to prepare for battle. Reinhard approached his friends Julius and Ferris, who were both standing inside the arena rather than the spectator seats where countless knights eagerly anticipated the battle. Ferris instantly berated the Sword Saint for his foolhardy acceptance of the Lightning's request. Although his eyes widened at Ferris's words, he merely shook off the demi-human's worries with a smile and a shrug. While the Blue Lightning's request had come at a surprise, the words of Marcus, that Reinhard promptly attempted to impersonate by putting on a gruff voice, had spurred the Sword Saint on. Before moving over to the arena once again, Reinhard told his friends that he would duel to pay back the trouble the Empire had put them through.

As he approached Cecilus, Julius called out to Reinhard, reminding the Swordsman that he needed a blade. Reinhard, with a voice that sent chills across the spines of everybody present, corrected Julius, as he already had a sword. From his scabbard, Reinhard drew the Dragon Sword Reid for the third time in his life. The entire crowd gazed in awe at the beauty and elegance of the legendary blade that had, according to legend, felled the Witch of Envy herself centuries prior.

Part 3[edit | edit source]

Cecilus expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to gaze upon the Dragon Sword, as he also saw the weapon as a piece of art. In response, Reinhard praised the Vollachia warrior, as the Dragon Sword deeming someone as worthy was an incredibly rare occurrence. Although he often praised people for their talents, the compliments Reinhard bestowed upon Cecils were not easily expressed in words. With that being said, the Sword Saint Reinhard van Astrea and the Blue Lightning of Vollachia Cecilus Segmunt named themselves with a deep respect for each other that only they could share. Without further ado, the greatest warriors of Lugnica and Vollachia clashed, mirroring the legendary Silver Flower Dance of Pictat fought between Reinhard's grandfather and the eight-armed giant Kurgan decades prior. The power of their blows raised tempests of energy and wind within the ring, as a display truly worthy of the heavens was unveiled before the eyes of the few spectators.

Although the outcome of the battle remained unclear, Cecilus left the Kingdom of Lugnica shortly after covered in various minor injuries. Both warriors felt a sense of fulfilment after the duel, as they had discovered that they did not stand alone at the pinnacle of power. Later on, in the dead of night, Reinhard joined Julius and Ferris for drinks in Juukulius's home where the trio of dear friends made merry into the early hours of the morning. At some point over the next few months, Julius became the official knight of Anastasia Hoshin, meaning he had joined the Royal Selection in opposition to Ferris, who was naturally serving as Crusch Karsten's knight.

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