Royal Election Prequel: Reinhard vs Cecilus (王選前日譚、剣聖と雷光の銀華乱舞) is a short story featured in Gekkan Comic Alive. This story was later adapted into Re:Zero EX Light Novel Volume 4

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Part 1[edit | edit source]

Couple months before the story, at the border of the Kingdom of Lugnica and the Vollachia Empire, a lazy man was working as a guard to note reports of people crossing the border. Suddenly, the guard noticed a man standing near the border of the kingdom and the empire. Before he knows, the man crossed the border with extraordinary speed which is mentioned to be above a ground dragon's speed. Another guard comes to him and asks what happened if he saw something, but the guard claims that nothing happened, as he didn't want to be punished for his mistakes.

Some days later, Ferris and Julius Juukulius are aiming to maintain the law and order patrols until they reach the capital and hear people talk about the royal election, the death of the Lugnician royal family and the 41st king as a rumor crossed the kingdom about it. Suddenly, Julius stops as he sees Cecilus Segmunt at a restaurant in the capital of Lugnica. When Cecilus left the restaurant, he bumped into them and introduces himself again. Julius asked why and how he is here, but he claims that it doesn't matter as he didn't tell anyone. Making Julius nervous as Cecilus poses a great threat to the Kingdom, and his arrival at the capital should be treated as a major secret for the citizens.

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