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Rudar Iglesia (ルダー・イグレシア) is an exclusive character from the video game Re:Zero Lost in Memories and is the younger brother of Zelga Iglesia.


Rudar had long black hair and a black mustashe. He wore a purple suit with red vest.


Rudar was known to be selfish and greedy and thinks of himself as a king. He also had planed to coup d'etat against the Kingdom of Lugnica and the Royal Candidates as he thinks highly of himself that he should be fit for a king.


Rudar used to live with his two brothers. One day, he killed his older brother and almost killed Zelga and sent him to prison. Years later, after Subaru and Zelga escaped from Grimour Prison, he was dethroned by his brother and was sent to prison.


Engraving Seal of the Blue Flame (青炎の刻印 Aoi Honō no Kokuin): It's an ability that has been passed down from the Iglesia family for generations. It gathers light within his body and shows the seal on their back.