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Welcome to Re:Zero Wiki's Rules and Guidelines. This page should be read by any and all fandom users, provided they wish to either edit a page, participate in ongoing conversations or discussions, or start a new one. This page will not serve as a guideline on how to edit already-existing pages, or create new ones. For that, please visit Manual of Style. Any and all users should read both Rules and Guidelines and Manual of Style.

Quick explanation of used terms

  • Waifu Wars: Waifu wars is a community-created term, which signalises any and all conflicts between fans, who are arguing about who the better female character is (example: "Emilia is better than Rem"), in a way that deliberately seeks to insult others or assert their opinions as superior, in an aggressive way.
  • Head-canon: Head-canon is a term used to reference the act of claiming something in the story is true, when absolutely no facts exist in the user's favour. Head-canon is not to be confused with theories, as theories tend to be based on some sort of grounded truth/facts and form a likely conclusion, that has yet to be confirmed or disputed by the Author of the original work (in this case, Tappei Nagatsuki).


  • 1: Listen to the admins' requests. Failing to obey their warnings or blatantly ignore their requests might lead either to a warning, or a temporary ban.
    • 1;1: Always follow the word of an admin. A warning is a warning. A ban is a ban. Failing to abide to these rules, will almost always result in a permanent ban.
  • 2: Be nice and treat people with respect. Do not arbitrarily insult people because their opinions don't co-align with yours. Breaking this rule will usually result in a warning from the admin team, though if the offense is too grave, a temporary ban might be issued, and your comment or edit will be taken down.
  • 3: Do not spread toxicity around the Wiki pages. Any and all toxic comments which have been deemed as overly toxic or aggressive–either by the person subjected to toxicity, or the admin team–will be removed, and a warning might be issued.
    • 3;1: Outright blatant provocations will be treated as toxicity, and thereby, the user will be granted a warning. If the provocation is trying to spark a waifu war, a temporary ban will be given from the get-go.
  • 3;2: Overly sexual comments will be taken down, and if the user does not cease with their actions, a warning will be issued.
  • 4: Refrain from straying too far off the original topic (that being anything related to Re:Zero), and refrain from talking about series other than Re:Zero. Comparing different franchises with Re:Zero is allowed, as long as the topic doesn't entirely switch to another series and disregard Re:Zero. Breaking this rule will not result in a warning, unless if the OP has been already warned for such an offense in the past, or if the off-topic conversation continues even after being warned by an admin. Having said that, any and all off topic conversations will be taken down, unless if the admin chooses otherwise due to various reasons, which need to be somehow specified.
  • 5: Impersonating other users or known celebrities is forbidden. It will always result in a warning, unless if it's a misunderstanding.
  • 6: Spamming, trolling and vandalising are strictly forbidden, and no leniency will be given if you engage in such actions. Depending on the severity of the offense, the user might be subjected to a temporary or permanent ban, even though they haven't yet received a warning (though usually, a warning will be issued first).
  • 7: Spreading misinformation (in other words, head-canons) is not advised. We are aware that sometimes, head-canons sound like plausible theories, hence no warnings will be given off the bat. Having said that, the user will be asked to give coherent proof, in order to clear the doubts of it being a theory or a head-canon. If it turns out the user was spreading head-canon/misinformation, a warning will be issued. Blatantly deliberate spreading of head-canons, however, will result in a potential warning (depending on your other actions) and the user's post will be taken down, in order to avoid further confusion between other fandom members.
    • 7;1: Forcing head-canons onto other users, however, will always result in that comment being taken down, and an issuing of a temporary ban. Forcing head-canons onto others in a aggressive way will not be tolerated under any conditions.
  • 8: Waifu wars are strictly forbidden. Under absolutely no conditions, will waifu wars be allowed, and the users participating in such acts will be given at least one warning. If the warning is not acknowledged and the user continues to spark or participate in waifu wars, a temporary ban (lasting no less than one week) will be issued. If, upon return, the user continues to engage in waifu wars, the admin team will take this as a sign of extreme toxicity and disregard for other fandom users, and a permanent ban will be issued.
  • 9: Comments or edits in languages other than English, will be automatically taken down or reverted without any prior notice. This is the Official English Re:Zero Wiki, thereby you're expected to speak in English.
  • 10: Due to the nature of the Light Novels and the web novel, the content from the LNs should be considered canon. Hence, any info omitted from the LNs but present in the WN should be considered as non-canon, unless if specified otherwise in the LNs (either by being brought up later, mentioned, indicated or being plain obvious).

Page-specific Rules

  • On Ferris' page, discussing his gender is not advised, as he was always canonically male. Forcing your beliefs about his gender on others, however, would be breaking rule no. 7, and will not be tolerated under any condition. It will result in one warning from the admins, and if that warning is not immediately obeyed, the user will be given a temporary ban (no less than a week long). The warning can be chosen not to be issued, if the user continued the discussion with other fandom users–prior to the admin's interference–and did not back down from his original statement.
  • On Rem's and Emilia's pages, it is forbidden to comment the following terms:
    • "Rem is better than Emilia."
    • "Emilia is better than Rem."
    • "Rem is trash." and any other existing negative variations. Accordingly, such comments are also forbidden on Emilia's page.
    • "Rem is best girl." or "Emilia is best girl." with the latter one being taken as a provocation, which will be breaking rule no.3;1 (or vice versa, on Emilia's page).
    • "Who is Rem?"


The following segment will list some of the guidelines we have decided to put in place, in order to make articles easier to edit, as well as have things more neatly arranged. While you're not forced to abide to these guidelines, you're strongly encouraged to stick to them. Not doing so, will result in more unnecessary work for the admins, and other people who will be trying to make bigger overhauls on specific pages. Once again, we encourage you to follow them.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, this segment will not contain every guideline we have on this wiki. You're expected to read the aforementioned Manual of Style.

List of Guidelines

  • Please try and name the uploaded files (namely images) accordingly. For anime and manga screenshots, the files need to be named appropriately (Example: Natsuki Subaru Anime.png or Ferris Manga.png are appropriate names. 19387asc.jpg and Tumblr 12345.png are not.). Any inappropriately named images will be taken down and replaced.
  • You're encouraged to try and add .png files, though it's not mandatory.
  • When adding Light Novel or Side Story illustrations, try and stick to the following example:
    • Re Zero Volume xyz Cover.png (for the cover)
    • Re Zero Volume xyz Cover Clean.png (for the clean or second version of the cover)
    • Re Zero Light Novel xyv 2.png (for the illustrations, starting with number 2 and skipping Table of Content)
    • Re Zero Light Novel xyz ToC.png (for Table of Content)
  • When adding the Character Template to new characters, please copy paste the template from Template:Characters.
  • Renaming/moving pages is strongly discouraged and will in most cases result in you getting a warning, as well as the edit being reverted by an admin without prior notice, unless deemed unnecessary. Using newly-released official romanisations as an excuse to arbitrarily rename pages without notifying the admins will not be tolerated either, regardless of the action's justification.

Warning System

Following every broken rule, the user will be punished accordingly to the severity of their act. Here is a short explanation of the punishment system:

  • First offense - A warning
  • Second offense - A warning
  • Third offense - A temporary ban (the ban will normally last up to a week, though if the gravity of the offense is big enough, a longer-lasting ban will be issued)
  • Fourth offense - A temporary ban (the ban will normally last from a couple of weeks to up to a year, depending on the severity of the offense)
  • Fifth offense - A permanent ban

It should be noted that if the offense is too grave, the user can receive a permanent ban from their first offense, but that should happen very rarely.

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