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Ryuzu Meyer (リューズ・メイエル) is the name of the original Ryuzu Meyer, whom her copies are based on.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like the original Ryuzu Meyer, all of the copies look the same. Ryuzu is a petite girl with long, fluffy pale red hair that curves outward at the ends. She wears a large white robe that drags along the ground and is too big for her hands to show completely through the sleeves. The bodies of the copies are revealed to have been created with an artificial "Od" that is surrounded & together with mana, forcing them to change places in order to recharge once they reach their daily limit. Each of the four main Ryuzu take on the role as Ryuzu every four days.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Out of all of the clones, only four (later revealed to be five) have an actual personality, as a necessity to perform their duties as main managers of Sanctuary. Although they share the first name with the original they are given different last names as part of their roles, personality quirks, hobbies and interests. The rest of the copies are devoid of any ego and act as simple workers who obey the 4 main Ryuzu or take care of other duties. Those that are recognized to be an Apostle of Greed by Echidna are allowed to gain command over the clones if they touch the crystal the original Ryuzu resides in.

Ryuzu Meyer (original): By her own will, she sacrificed her life to enact the Sanctuary's Barrier by using her own Od which sealed her body in a crystal in order to stop the Warlock of Melancholy from destroying the Sanctuary. She also agreed to be a part of Echidna's experiment as long as the witch promised to maintain the Sanctuary.

  • Alma: Ryuzu Alma was in favor of freeing the Sanctuary.
  • Bilma: Like Ryuzu Alma, Ryuzu Blima was also in favor of freeing the Sanctuary. She is the 2nd clone Subaru meets and has the most playful disposition among the clones.
  • Shima: Was against freeing the Sanctuary due to seeing the original Ryuzu's memories during the trial and partly manipulated Garfiel behind the scenes to make sure it didn't happen. She was the one who first entered the grave to try and rescue Garfiel but was forced into taking the trial. She wears a white robe.
  • Delma: One of the copies with an actual personality.
  • Omega: The copy who monitored the Sanctuary and her existence was unknown to everyone except Roswaal & Echidna, the later who used her body to resurrect herself at the end of Arc 4. Unlike the others, she did not have a unique name.
  • Others: The other copies don't have knowledge or experience and can only obey broad orders. The copies act as eyes and use their telepathy to relay messages if needed. They need others to order them to eat food once in a while and curl up when they reach their limit in the forest.
    • Pico (ピコ): Pico is a copy that Subaru named when he first discovered the original Ryuzu's body. She is able to follow simple orders but other than that she is like a baby.
  • Sphinx: The first clone created. Due to the imperfect method of Soul Transference, she could not inherit all of Echidna's memories, personality and power which left her with a fragmented mind.

History[edit | edit source]

The Ryuzu copies were created by Echidna in an experiment to research immortality. She copied her memories and knowledge to the copies, however her experiment was never completed because she was killed by Satella. With her gone, the four main copies took over in order to manage the other copies and to take on Ryuzu's role within the Sanctuary when Mathers family supported them.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Telepathy: The Ryuzu copies are able to transmit their thoughts to each other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Web Novel Ryuzu copies did not have already individual names leaving Subaru to give them random greek alphanumeric names instead. The names follow Alpha, Beta, Sigma and Theta. Echidna names the hidden clone Omega like in the web novel however she does not use the clone's "Od" to resurrect in the original's body. Thus Ryuzu Meyer herself remains in the lab.

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