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Sakura Element (サクラ・エレメント) is an exclusive character from the video game Re:Zero: The Prophecy of the Throne. She was Melty's Civil Official sent by the Church of the Divine Dragon. It was later revealed she's one of the true antagonists of the game. She met her end as she was killed by Salum/Wolf.


Sakura was a tall woman with a model's physique who looks good in a tight skirt.


Sakura yawns a lot and usually has a sleepy expression on her face. She falls asleep during her job, even during important duties, giving the impression that she doesn't take things seriously. Her languid demeanor makes her seem like she lacks motivation, however, she's a cunning individual who gives astute counsel when asked for her input. Due to her intellect, she's tasked with handling finances for the Church of the Divine Dragon.

However, when she was revealed as the mastermind, she has a narcissistic side and enjoys people suffering when she uses her Mana Wasps.


At some point in her life, she encountered Mother and was made into one of her "daughters" in the Assassin Organisation.


Insect Manipulation:

Mana Wasps.

Sakura can control Mana Wasps, unique insects that Mother created, earning her the title Insect Master (昆虫主人 Konchū Shujin). She can cover people in numerous Mana Wasps so as to torture them and kill them. She can also transit messages through the insects that she controls.