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Salum Pristis (サラム・プリスティス) is an exclusive character from the video game Re:Zero: The Prophecy of the Throne. It was revealed that Salum's alternative personality is Wolf. After Wolf and Pooka were defeated, he (as Salum/Wolf) and Pooka joined Melty and Tiga, and are living in Kararagi.


Salum wore some sort of a Middle-Eastern-like getup with a black short shirt, gold eyes-like belts around his chest waist, a blue bandana on his head, and bandages on his hands, covering the black eye engraved on his left hand.


Salum is serious and humorless, he's a man of few words. He is a vagabond on a journey, traveling around the world with his spirit partner Pooka. He's a kind-hearted big brother-type who steps forward and takes on danger in place of others. He's kind to younger people and always carries sweets with him to distribute to younger children. Because of his intimidating appearance and quiet nature, people sometimes react with suspicion.


Evil Eye (魔眼 Mame): Salum has an Evel Eye called Evil Eye of Avarice (強欲の魔眼 Gōyoku no Mame). It's an ability that he can steal mana from an individual or the area around him. Steal too much mana and he could kill the individual. He can also drain upcoming magic attacks.

Spirit Arts (精霊術): Salum is capable of using his Spirit Arts with Pooka and his other spirits.

Spirit User (精霊使い Seirei Tsukai): Salum is currently contracted with several Spirits and is currently contracted with Pooka.

Equipment: Salum wields some sort of a curved sword with jagged blades close to the hilt.