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The Sanctuary of Kremaldy (クレマルディの聖域, Kuremarudi no Seiiki), also known as the Witch of Greed's Graveyard (強欲の魔女の墓場, Gōyoku no Majo no Hakaba) is a village created by Echidna, which was being protected by the Roswaal family throughout generations.


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The Sanctuary is a poor village located within Roswaal's territory which has been taken care of by the various Mathers over the years. The village itself is a group of buildings located in a clearing within the forest and only halves live there. It is surrounded by a short fence with an old stone gate at the entrance. Currently abandoned.

The Sanctuary's original purpose was to keep the Warlock of Melancholy away from Echidna.


As Echidna was being pursued by Hector, she called a group of Demi-humans to take refuge in a clearing, only to lock them up, creating a barrier with the help of Ryuzu Meyer. Eventually, she created copies of Ryuzu to experiment with immortality, however, Echidna soon got sealed by Volcanica. After this, the copies of Ryuzu administered the Sanctuary, and the Roswaal family chose to protect the cemetery for several generations.

One day, Roswaal L Mathers took the Reala's homeless family to the Sanctuary to live, however, she then left her two children, Frederica and Garfiel, alone. Frederica managed to escape from the Sanctuary, however, Garfiel stayed, so he started receiving letters from Frederica when she started working as a maid for Roswaal.

Eventually, Roswaal returned to try to complete Echidna's tests in an apparent attempt to free the Demi-humans, but he ended up injured, thus he could not return to his mansion. Later the villagers of Irlam village appear after being evacuated by some merchants associated with Subaru, who soon arrived with Emilia to help them return to the village which was already saved from the Witch Cult. Roswaal convinced both to carry out the tests for him.

As the Trials of the Sanctuary were fulfilled successfully, the Barrier of the Sanctuary disappeared, Emilia ended up in control of the Ryuzu Meyer copies, and all Demi-Humans abandoned the place, leaving the land uninhabited.


  • Sanctuary Barrier (聖域の結界 Seiiki no Kekkai): A barrier created by Echidna that prevents halves from going through it. Any halves that come close to it start to lose consciousness and feel as if their existence is being disturbed. Even if someone takes an unconscious half that has crossed the barrier, they will never awake outside the barrier as their spirit is trapped within it. The barrier checks the blood of those that go near it and only affects those it clearly determines as half-bloods. It also causes those who are not permitted to enter the Sanctuary to get lost.
  • Echidna's Tomb: Echidna's final resting place and where the trials needed to lift the barrier are conducted at night. During the day, miasma bars entry to anyone except those qualified to take her trials.
  • Residency Area: The place where denizens of Sanctuary live. The buildings are largely dilapidated which give the whole area a run-down look. There is farmland for growing some crops, but residents otherwise rely on Roswaal for gathering and delivering necessities from the outside.
  • Cathedral: A large building where the citizens of Irlam Village stayed during their captivity.
  • Laboratory: A strange white building that belonged to Echidna, situated away from the village area of Sanctuary and deeper into the forest. It is made of a strange material that does not wear or tear from the elements and an odd smell exudes from the structure.




  • In the Web Novel the Sanctuary sits in a vast unnamed forest, but in the LN it's given a name the "Forest of Kremaldy". The barrier also has an additional effect that causes those who do not meet the criteria to enter the Sanctuary to lose their sense of direction and become lost in its vicinity.