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Schult (シュルト) is a member of the Priscilla Camp. He's extremely loyal to Priscilla Barielle, his mistress, and is one of her closest attendants.

Currently, Schult is residing somewhere in the Sacred Empire of Vollachia close to Guaral, waiting for Priscilla's instructions.


Schult is a handsome boy with big red glistering eyes and medium length fluffy and curly, peach-pink hair. He has a thin and child-like body which resembles a girl's and wears a butler's outfit over his still-developing body. The butler's attire primarily consists of a light purple long sleeved jacket with six gold buttons and shorts which are of the exact same colour as the jacket. The cuffs and the collar have a pink accent with white stripes creating a caro pattern. Accompanying the elegant yet child-like attire, he can be seen sporting a large red ribbon. Perhaps one of the most unique assets of his attire are his white knee-high socks which give his appearance a bit of an out-of-fashion spin. His appearance is said to somehow give off an immoral feeling.


As his body is still developing, Schult's voice is high pitched, like that of a child, making him come off as a bit younger than he actually is. Though his personality has not much seen in the story, as he normally stays quiet for most of his screen-time, he's shown to harbor deep respect for both Al and Priscilla, being prepared to even subject himself to danger just so he'd be able to finish the task given to him. Just like Al, he also deeply cares about Priscilla's well-being as shown when he was the only one protesting against the Princess' decision to personally check the zombie outbreak in one of the villages under her territory.

He also seems to have a bit of a perverted side as he was sometimes shown in questionable situations, considering his age, especially regarding Priscilla's feet.


  • Schult was a small and thin orphan who grew up in a small farming village within the Barielle Domain. Despite being impoverish and starved, he caught Priscilla's eye and she decided to take him in as a servant.
    • Priscilla gave Schult his name after saving him from his circumstances.
  • According to the Re:Zero Prequel: Camp Formation Stories story, Schult's favorite color is red.
  • Schult is illiterate. 
  • He's the one who handles Priscilla's change of clothing, despite him being a little boy.