Sekhmet (セクメト) is the Witch of Sloth.


Sekhmet gives off a lazy impression with absurdly long reddish purple hair and unhealthy looking bluish white skin and lips. Her eyes give off a sense of spiritlessness. She wears a black clerical robe that is dirty and frayed, furthering her lazy impression.


True to her position as the Witch of Sloth, Sekhmet's personality can be summed up in one word, lazy, which can also be seen through her appearance. She is also lazy enough that she finds breathing even once to be a pain and gives off a gloomy atmosphere.


Before she was born, Sekhmet's clan expected things from her, wanting to bring back their founder known as God. However, after she was born, she disappointed them, causing them to hold her in disdain and abandon her as punishment. Many years later, upon hearing of a wild woman in the mountains, men came and captured her, taking her down to the city. While there, she gained knowledge, a way of life, and emotions. Eventually, not understanding at the time that what she felt was gratitude and obligation, she snapped the necks of the men in the place she lived in and left. Returning to her homeland, she proceeded to kill her entire clan, not understanding at the time that what she felt was hatred and a desire for revenge. She then returned back to her previous home to give the men she killed a proper burial, and once she was alone, she felt a peace of mind, which she felt happiness about.

Over 400 years ago, Sekhmet drove Volcanica past the Great Waterfall just so she could rest, following into a fight between the two with Sekhmet falling from the Great Waterfall while fighting, concluding into her death.


Authority of Sloth (怠惰の権能 Taida no Ken'nō): Sekhmet is able to use the Authority of Sloth.

  • Sekhmet is seemingly capable of using an advanced version of the Unseen Hand as she is capable of hitting things with an invisible force without moving. She is able to use this power in all directions.


  • According to the author, Sekhmet's birthday is August 13.
  • Sekhmet's name refers to 5381 Sekhmet, an Aten asteroid. In Egyptian mythology, she is a Goddess of healing and warriors.
  • Sekhmet is the most powerful Witch of Sin, excluding Satella. According to Echidna, she could defeat all five Witches in just one second.


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