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Serena Dracroy (セリーナ・ドラクロイ Serīna Dorakuroi) is a High Countess hailing from the Sacred Empire of Vollachia. She is one of the most prominent nobles in the Empire and a good friend of Priscilla Barielle.

Though not yet debuting in the main story, Serena has been indirectly mentioned in Arc 5 and has helped Priscilla come to the Empire following the events of Arc 5. Furthermore, she had played an important role in the second story featured in the spinoff volume Ex5. Currently, there are rumours of a large civil unrest taking place on Serena's soil, with flocks of Winged Dragons flying around.


Some 7 years before the main story, she was seen as a tall woman with a stocky physique. Her hair is of auburn colour, and she has a big scar on the left side of her face, which was carved onto her by her father after he lost the position of the head of family to her. She bears a noble's attire, but she prefers to keep it on her shoulders instead of wearing it normally.



In the past, Serena's father carved a large scar on the face out of revenge for losing his position of the head of the Dracroy family to her. She proceeded to burn him alive to settle the dispute regarding the head of the family, which made her known as "Lady Incandescent". Some time later, Jorah Pendleton helped her bring her family together as she was having a hard time doing so by herself.

7 years before, Serena sent her servants Balleroy Temeglyph and Miles to the Pendleton Estate in order to invite Jorah along with his wife Priscilla Barielle to the Gladiator Island Ginunhive. While they were there, the sword slaves attempted to spark a revolution that would render the island independent from the mainland, which later ended up failing thanks to the intervention of the Imperial army. Serena, Priscilla, Jorah, Balleroy and Miles then went back to the Pendleton mansion, where Priscilla thanked Serena for the invitation instead of her resting husband.

Some unknown amount of time after Jorah's execution, Serena ordered Balleroy and Miles to look for Priscilla, as there was a rumour going around about some bandits who kidnapped a girl looking like her. The two managed to bring Priscilla to her estate shortly after.

In the months following the events of Arc 5 and during the expedition of the Pleiades Watchtower, Serena presumably ordered a group of soldiers working under her to help Priscilla cross the border to the Empire in order to help Vincent Vollachia reclaim his throne.