Shaknar (シャクナール) is Julius Juukulius’ earth dragon.


Shaknar is a blue earth dragon with a stocky build. He is described as beautiful.



Shaknar was gifted to Julius to celebrate his fifteenth birthday. He came from an earth dragon trainer that the Juukulius family has close ties to.

As a result of Julius getting his name eaten, Shaknar has no memories of him. Despite that, Shaknar has been able to accept Julius again due to his training.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Shaknar has the Divine Protection of Wind Evasion (風避けの加護 Kazeyoke no Kago). It enables him to be unaffected by the wind and not encounter any wind resistance while running. The effect also applies to the Dragon Carriage that he pulls. After activation, there is a cool down period before he can use it again.


  • Shaknar is the most expensive thing in Julius' possession.
  • Shaknar is named after a famous Earth Dragon that appears in fairy tales.


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