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Shasuke (シャスケ) was one of the two twin Shinobi hired by Stride Vollachia during the Sword Demon Battle Ballad.

He was cut in two by Carol Remendis, in the aforementioned side story's climax.


Shasuke was quite a short individual who was described to always wear a black cloak that covered his entire body. He also wore a mask on his face, and a hachigane on his forehead. When he took off his cloak, his body was described to be quite pale, with an eerie blue mottled pattern covering his torso.


Shasuke had quite a humble personality, serving his master without complaint. He did not feel any emotions until the very end due to the Shinobi training process stripping them from him. Just before his death, he was described to have finally been happy, and was finally able to laugh louder than he ever had in his life.


Raizo and Shasuke were born in a Shinobi village in Vollachia. The two of them were twins who were subject to the training process of a Shinobi. The process was cruel, and involved body modifications using drugs, magic and heavy training. It was mentioned that only 1 in a million could survive this process. But both he and Shasuke survived and were reborn as Shinobi. They became the pride of their village. However, as the Empire feared the village's strength, one day, when the two of them were not at the village, they sent some nobles to burn it down, killing everyone there. It was then that the two Shinobi met Stride who offered them revenge against the nobles. After killing the nobles, the two Shinobi devoted their services to Stride.


Shinobi Skills: Shasuke was apt in the use of kunai, and in fighting using martial arts. In addition to that, it can be expected he had multiple skills that were unnamed; some examples include one which allowed Shasuke to attempt to transform his body into steel, before it was interrupted by Carol.

  • Shadow Form: Shasuke sank into a person's shadows, and become part of it. He could use this ability to carry people into them and transport them to his brother, or to hide. Furthermore, he could use this ability to appear in another person's shadow.