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Shaula (シャウラ) is Flugel's apprentice and a key figure in the sealing of the Witch of Envy 400 years ago.


Shaula has dark green eyes and long blackish brown hair which she ties together in what she refers to as a scorpion tail. She is tall, has a model physique along with a large chest, and only wears a black bikini, hot pants, and a cloak.


Shaula is described to be like a girl at the bottom of a girls caste who runs errands for others. She is absolutely loyal to Flugel, however she tends to be thoughtless so she is unfit for mental work. Also, she is unable to tell people apart and therefore refers to Subaru as her teacher based on smell alone as he apparently smells the same as Flugel.


Dimension Gate: Shaula has shown the ability to manipulate space such as when she sent Subaru and his group to separate locations by distorting space. She has also being shown to pierce through Beatrice and Subaru's EMM which is a move that interferes with time and space and creates a barrier which those inside of it experience no interference from outside of it.

Immense Power: Shaula is mentioned to be strong enough to easily deal with Sin Archbishops and even force Reid Astrea to use both hands while in combat once every ten times.

Immense Strength: Shaula is able to lift an Earth Dragon and a Dragon Carriage with ease and carry them around.

Hell's Snipe (ヘルズ・スナイプ Heruzu Sunaipu): Shaula is able to connect her needles and her target together with mana and release it as if it's gravitating toward them. It is fast, powerful, and is able to be fired rapidly.


  • Shaula, also known as Lambda Scorpii, is the second-brightest star in the southern constellation Scorpius.
  • In Arabic, Shaula (شولة) means stinger, which also refers to the star's position on the Scorpius constellation.