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Shiroro Tonerico (シロロ・トネリコ) also known as The Beheader (首切り) was one of the commanding officers of the "Scratch of Silver".


Shiroro is a small, white-furred Rabbit Human who is about 1 meter tall. He has red eyes, wears a kimono and he holds a leaf in his mouth.


As both Ricardo and Reisel were about to successfully capture the Falo Cart, Shiroro emerged from the cart and attempted to lop off Ricardo's head. Ricardo managed to dodge his attack, but Reisel stole the cart which had the item he was looking for, leaving Ricardo behind as he battled against Shiroro.

While both Shiroro and Ricardo fought, Shiroro noticed Ricardo's fighting style was lacking. He asked what was on Ricardo's mind. Ricardo couldn't help get his mind off of Reisel, resulting in his fighting technique being affected. As result he was wounded numerous times by Shiroro. But before Shiroro delivered the final blow, he defended himself from an upcoming kick from Mimi who saved Ricardo's life. Shiroro asked why he brought a child with him, but Ricardo responded to him that she had nothing to do with him. Shiroro sheathed his swords as he didn't like to kill children.

Mimi explained that Anastasia, Hetaro, and Tivey were being chased by the shadow clones that Reisel had sent out. This spurned him into action, and as a result Shiroro faced him once again, and the two clashed.

After the fight, both Ricardo and Shiroro came to a truce which resulted in Shiroro receiving the stolen goods back.


Equipment: Shiroro wields two swords in white sheaths that are about the same size as him.