Sirius (シリウス) is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing wrath. During the events of the Fifth arc, she acted as one of the main antagonists, alongside her fellow Sin Archbishops. She's currently being held in the Prison Tower where she's being sealed away using Magical Sealing Stones.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sirius's head is covered in disorderly wrapped bandages except for her purple eyes and her teeth. She has silver hair, covers the rest of her thin body with a black coat, and has long, distorted chains around both of her arms with ends that drag along the floor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

As shown by her position, Sirius can be scary when she becomes angry, though normally she gives off a disgusting aura. She is also Petelgeuse's stalker and is his self proclaimed wife. She speaks in an intimate, rational manner, but that attitude is off-putting. She has a distinct way of speaking, repeatedly apologizing to everyone about nothing or small things. She does not stand people who belittle her relationship with Petelgeuse as seen when she tried to kill Regulus for saying how disgusting she is, clinging to a deceased person. Strangely enough, she harbours hatred towards the Witch of Envy, going as far as promising Subaru (who she thought was Petelgeuse) that she would burn her before him if he ever managed to revive the Witch. Sirius despises any woman that's too close to her beloved Petelgeuse, as seen when she expressed her hatred towards Beatrice for simply standing next to Subaru (who Sirius thought was Petelgeuse), asking him what he finds so appealing on her, before threatening to burn her alive.

Sirius demonstrated a twisted and freakish view on love. In her opinion, the best representation of love is to become one. To her, love is a prayer for becoming one. Seeing the same things, feeling the same emotions, living the same life, ending the same death.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Authority of Wrath (憤怒の権能 Fundo no Ken'nō): Sirius is able to use the Authority of Wrath.

  • Wrath (憤怒 Fundo)
    • In a sphere of influence, Sirius can share or transmit her emotions and senses to others. After polarizing emotions such as anger or sorrow, she can transmit it to any people in their vicinity, either taking control of them or resonating a certain emotion between a certain amount of people to raise it to the point of madness. Also, since she can share senses such as distress or pain, if anyone dies within the effect area she can force others within the same area to die the same way. This Authority seems to fade intensity the further the range and extension, and the effectiveness can vary drastically between people. Being aware of the Authority’s existence and current presence can help alleviate its effects.
  • Chain Control (鎖操作 Kusari Sōsa) or Fire Control (炎操作 Honō Sōsa)
    • Sirius can control the chains wrapped around her body or transform the chains into fire and control them. The chains have high speed and power with strikes capable of tearing apart stone with ease. In addition, they allow Sirius to attack any direction around an opponent.
  • Longevity
    • Sirius possesses an abnormally long life span.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sirius' name comes from the star Sirius, which is part of the Canis Major constellation and also the brightest star in the Earth's night sky.
  • She is said to have the highest physical strength among the Archbishops.
  • Sirius has mentioned that her hometown was destroyed by some sort of a Witch Hunt.

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