Joey, please don't misunderstand your desires for others. What you need/want, doesn't necessarily correspond to us, the actual fandom who actually like the series, instead of you who just keeps talking about the same one character and the same events related to that character. First of all, even though we know how Thearesia died in Volume 20, doesn't mean that there is no point in expanding the Sword Demon's and the Former Sword Saint's love story. There are other characters involved in these stories, I'm not sure whether you know this or not, since all you do is disregard the fact that there are other amazing characters who aren't named Ricardo Welkin like Stride Vollachia, Melinda, Grimm and Roswaal.

I truly respect your love and adoration for Ricardo Welkin, but now that you've reached the point of trying to claim that "Other Characters need an EX Volume instead of prolonging the same one", I keep losing that respect. In addition to that, comments like these keep giving me more reasons to take you less serious (and I'm sure that other people agree with me on this one).

I'm not tired whatsoever of the Sword Demon's tale, and I doubt anyone is except you.

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