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Tanza (タンザ) is a follower of Yoruna Mishigure that resides within Chaosflame's Red Lapis Castle. She acts as both a servant and a messenger for her lady.


Tanza is a young girl with pale skin, purple eyes, and tan hair. Due to her lineage as a demi-human, she sports a pair of antlers with one decoration below each antler. She dons a blue and purple kimono with a floral pattern with its collar, sleeves, and bow being a bright shade of green, reminiscent of Yoruna's kimono.


Tanza acts as a doll-like person, rarely showing her own emotions in any case. She is also dedicated when it comes to following any order that she is given. Despite her cold exterior, she holds immense respect for Yoruna and views her as someone who loves the city of Chaosflame and its residents. However, when trouble began to brew in Chaosflame and Yoruna began to get involved, Tanza didn't hesitate in attempting to keep Yoruna away from the conflict by burdening herself with the responsibility of "protecting" her mistress for as long as she could until being confronted by Yoruna.