The Three Idiots Set Out! Cursed Goddess Statue Episode (三馬鹿が行く!呪われた女神像編) is a side story featured in Gekkan Comic Alive. It is made up of three parts.


Part 1Edit

At a gathering for high nobles, Natsuki Subaru, Garfiel Tinsel and Otto Suwen accompany Roswaal L Mathers there crossdressing using their alter-egos. The what should have been festive merriment followed by an auction of a valuable object was abruptly ended when the lights went out and the scene turned into a murder mystery, with Roswaal having disappeared from the scene. The only note that was left as a hint was "Cursed Goddess Statue".

Part 2Edit

The victim who was presumed murdered survived, but with injures in a room which can't be entered. Something was stolen from the acution during the commotion. Keeping their disguises, a trial of sorts is launched to find out what is going on at the gathering. Roswaal is suspected, but he tries to exonerate himself, though people swore they saw something flying in the sky just before the lights went out. The trio assist Roswaal in trying to clear his name, with the trial still not yielding clear evidence on whom was responsbile for the incident.

Part 3Edit



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