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Tholter Wisley (トルタ・ウィズリー) was a common soldier of the Royal Army and a close friend of Grimm Fauzen. He died early on in the civil war at the Battle of Castour Field.


Tholter had dark, short-cropped gold hair. He is described as being "blessed with an excellent physique".


He is depicted as a very social, easy-to-befriend kind of person, judging by storytelling ability, young age, and constant trips to the tavern. As his background is very common, he is relatable to most of the people around him. Even in his last moments, he was always enthusiastic and encouraging. Grimm Fauzen describes him as "certainly brave," with the qualities to be a hero.


Tholter was born the second son of a shopkeeper. He had joined the Lugnican army seeking freedom and a better future. He became good friends with Grimm due to their similar backgrounds and shared aspirations. He participated in his first battle at "Redonas Plateau" along with Grimm and handled the proceeding events during and after better emotionally than the later did. However he didn't begrudge Grimm and became a source of moral support for him.

Tragically he would become one of many causalities of the Royal Army at the "Battle of Castour Field" where the main army would fall to demi-humans forces large-scale magic after choosing to obey the orders of Grimm's old squadron leader instead of following Grimm and Wilhelm. During the investigation at Castour Field the Zeligef Squadron would encounter him again only now revived into an undead known as "corpse soldier" among numerous others brought back by Sphinx there. A fierce battle would ensure between the two groups before Tholter as acting as the "core" zombie whom controlled others would be cut down by his old friend Grimm and put to rest.


Equipment: As an archer, Tholter fought in the Demi-Human War as ranged support using a bow.