Those Remaining in the Watergate City, Priestella Reconstruction Journal Number Five (水門都市残留組、プリステラ復興日誌 5冊目) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After defeating an eight-headed snake guardian, Liliana, Garfiel, Ricardo, and Ezzo entered the innermost part of the Great Temple which housed Typhon's remains atop a stone pedestal. As they tried to approach, they heard a voice saying: "Sin will become a wedge that allows no escape".

Immediately after they heard the voice, Ezzo and Ricardo collapsed to their knees, and struggled to get up. Garfiel meanwhile, who was also collapsed, couldn't move his body at all. Only Liliana remained free to move without impediment. The four of them quickly realized that this was a trial.

As Liliana tried to approach the pedestal, the room changed, with a Shatranj board appearing where she stood, complete with life-size pieces. Liliana volunteers to take on the trial by playing the game, leaving all of their fates up to her.

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