Those Remaining in the Watergate City, Priestella Reconstruction Journal Number Six (水門都市残留組、プリステラ復興日誌 6冊目) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.

Summary[edit | edit source]

During a deadly game of Shatranj, Otto, Tivey, and Hetaro entered the tomb to investigate what had happened. Garfiel felt guilty to what had happened to Otto, but Otto talked him out and lifted his burden, becoming freed from the trap and destroyed the chess pieces. The group heads towards the remains of the Witch Typhon, held underneath the Water Gate City of Priestella. Liliana, Ezzo, and Garfiel set out to recover what turns out to be bones from one of her arms. The group noted that the arm looked small, as if it were a child's arm. After retrieving Typhon's arm, Liliana accidently activated a trap, which flooded the tomb that separated the group between Garfiel, Otto, and Ezzo, and Hetaro, Tivey, and Liliana, which ejected them from the tomb and into the cannel of Pristella.

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