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Those Remaining in the Watergate City, Priestella Reconstruction Journal Number Three (水門都市残留組、プリステラ復興日誌 3冊目) is a shop exclusive limited edition short story.


The four of Garfiel, Ezzo, Ricardo and Liliana fell down the drop behind the door that led to the Great Temple that housed the Witch's remains. Garfiel caught the side of the walls and began to slow his fall down, grabbing Liliana in the process. Ricardo similarly grabbed Ezzo in his remaining arm and used his hook to help slow his fall down, giving time for Ezzo to cast his magic to soften their fall by turning the ground into mud. 

All of them survived the fall thanks to Ezzo's magic, at the penalty of being caked in mud. Liliana realised that her Lyulyre was caked in it as well, and reacted in devastation, complaining that she'd once even gotten it back from under a Demon Beast, risking her life for it. However, Ezzo cast some water with magic to help her clean it off.

They soon realised that they were trapped down there, having no way to get back up the hole they'd fallen down which Garfiel estimated to be about 100 metres in height. Soon after, Ezzo cast a fireball to give them some light. They saw a passageway that led deeper inside, presumably to the Great Temple. However, immediately after they processed this information, Liliana noticed a grotesque creature, that looked like  it had been formed by a lot of rats coming together, with heads coming out of its torso. Garfiel remarked that it wasn't a Demon Beast, and wondered what it was. Ezzo soon after remarked that it was probably the Guardian of this place, but wondered what was up with its grotesque appearance, mentioning that even a Demon Beast couldn't be like that. 

Garfiel quickly made up his mind and started to attack the creature.