• I know he has his loli patrol who all love him to bits, but why should Satella? Has Subaru done something that I'm missing out on?I know she asked him to kill her and she refused, but surely, that couldn't change how she loved him at the very start,when he had no connection to her, and she had no reason to love him.Can anyone give me answers? ;3;

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    • Satella stated that Subaru is the one that gave Light in her life and that he was the only one that gave her purpose to live.

      Surely, this is quite impossible since Satella lived already over 400 years and Subaru just 19 years. There are a lot of theories flying around, but the most implied one is that Subaru is the incarnation of Flugel and that's the reason why she loves him. Flugel is the one that sealed her.

      There is also another theory that Subaru and Emilia go back in time and that they start over and become Flugel and Satella. More is yet unknown

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      The name of Satella gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings. (So basically Emilia)

      Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. (Yup, Emilia)

      There are times when you experience inner turbulence at your inability to say what you mean. (This is so Emilia)

      It is far easier for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings through writing than verbally. (Oh my fucking god, this is Emilia.)

      You are deeply moved by the beauties of life, especially nature. (She has an affinity with spirits and is a wood half-elf, I think that says enough)

      Because your feelings run deep, you must guard against the ups and downs, being very inspired one minute, then moody, reserved, and depressed the next. (Understandable)

      Your reactions to people vary according to how you feel (Emilia is childlike)

      You tend to be secretive and noncommittal about private matters, yet at times you will talk effusively in order to hide your self-consciousness or to lead others away from personal subjects. (Like how Emilia lied, mislead and left Subaru behind to not drag him into her own battles?)

      You are inspired by encouragement from others, yet suspicious of their intent. (Basically how Emilia reacts to Subaru all throughout the first arcs of Re:Zero)

      You crave affection but seldom find anyone who understands your nature. (Everyone sees her as the spitting image of the Witch of Envy, their world's Satan in a sense, so this is spot on.)

      I do remember Tappei saying something about revealing the meaning of the name Satella and it being a big deal, so maybe this confirms that Satella and Emilia have indentical personalities, too. Whereas Emilia simply means rival, the definition of Satella is far more specific and (even though I regret saying this) fits her better.

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    • Well at least, it gives more enthusiasm for the readers to buy the book. :D

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    • He didn't say "the meaning of the word Satella" in the sense of the pseudo-analysis of the name (which will vary depending on where you get it from and it often applies to a lot of people much like other "horoscope" and such)

      He meant why THAT name? Stella, "Star".

      More than likely linked to why all the members of the cult have star-based names. (6 bishops, Al, Subaru and Shaula so far)

      She's also the only one of the witches to not have a major myth-based name. It likely isn't myth-based at all. 

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    • So to answer your question, it's wildely accepted that Subaru was in that world at the same time as Satella even if not as Flugel.

      Then becoming Satella's first and only Love.

      As Subaru is a sage candidate and Shaula recognizes him as Flugel (she has poor vision so it's no confirmation at all) it's also wildely thought he IS Flugel. Few other alternatives can be risen as of now, the only alternative I can see being Pack (other theories have people being split into multiple people so it's also possible Subaru and Pack might be parts of Flugel. It's just wild guessing for now though.).

      Adressing another point from your post:

      Satella loved Subaru from at the very least the day of his (last) summoning, as shown in the dream castle chapters. It's only at the end of these dream castle chapters that she asks that he comes and kill her, to which he replies he will save her. She however couldn't reply to this as the dream world faded at that time.   So answering "I'll definitely save you" was not a factor in that Love.

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    • Her name isn't Sutera/Stella though, it's spelled as Satera/Satella.

      Yes, I get that everyone's hyping up stars and stuff in their theories, but the name Satella (specifically) gives more insight about Satella's character and motives rather than stars (keep in mind I said Satella and not Envy). I'm open to be proven wrong in the future if the whole misspelling of names is something caused by Pandora or something to mislead people.

      However, putting that aside, I'm very content with the development of the story so far and I hope the story continues to be brilliant where it previously was. One thing that concerns me is the author scheduling things for later, which makes me nervous about the end of the series and how long the series is actually going to be...

      All I can do is be hopeful, though.

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    • Yes however it's fairly clear that this is what it is supposed to be. A bit like Petelgeus is obviously Betelgeus, star-wise.

      Which this too is to be answered and voluntary.

      So I don't think Satella was intended as anything but a variation of Stella, seeing as the name is reaaally rare and completely unrelated. Keeping in mind Tappei is really bad with foreign languages it should either be related to a satellite (unlikely) or Stella.

      The reason as to why he used Satella over Stella/Sutella being a main subject in the mystery.   like Petelgeus.   (Quite likely linked to Pandora in a way yes but this not being the only possibility at all.)

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    • Pretty sure it's a reference to Satellite. As most of the characters are also related to foreign language. Emilia wouldn't be called Emilia, she would be named Natsumi or a japanese name. Pretty sure that Satella is related with satellite. Also, didn't you notice that almost nobody has a japanese name? Most of them have Greek, Russian related names. Like Julius, Pandora and Anastasia.

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    • I wasn't saying that at all.

      I said that as in he wouldn't use a name that has nothing to do with the rest of the names and that is not documented in Japanese.  Obviously mythology, constellations and such is documented.  "Satella" is unlikely to be found anywhere, Stella on the other hand is and is much more linked to stars.  

      Now of course it could also be Satellite but why when literally everything else in the cult is based around stars?

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    • Cult? I don't now why you take the term 'cult'. They worship Satella and take the name of stars. Well, okay, that's it. It has nothing to do with Satella.

      I think that Satella = Satellite because a satellite is a observer of all stars and the universe, or something like that.

      I doubt that the Cult has star names cuz of Satella.

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    • Subaru is Flugel. who might be got the Lust ability to change his appearance. He maybe went back in time. To fix things like Steins Gate.

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    • He might very well to be honnest, good one Cents

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    • @Wakaran0 Thank you very much. :D

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    • No that wouldn't make any sense what so ever. How could Capella have the genes? That means that Flugel is confirmed to be dead. However, there is still a possability that Subaru is a reincarnation of Flugel. However, all these time travel thingies don't work without solid facts.

      I would say that Subaru was chosen to be the new Flugel by the former Flugel.

      Satella saying that Subaru was the one that gave her light is odd, as she didn't mention that Flugel was the one that gave her light. So Subaru = Flugel is a possability. But not on the Lust theories or the time travel theories.

      Edit : Just so you know, there aren't many hints on this subject what so ever. However, only the witches we're shown to have Witch Genes. After they died, their succesors (witch cult) obtained them. It's impossible for Flugel/Subaru to have lust as Capella is still alive. However, the Gluttony parts becomes tricky, as that would mean there are 3 gluttony genes. Which will most likely be explained in Arc 6/7. We can only hope/theorize, but without solid facts or just "ifs and what if" a theory like this won't work.

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    • Actually there is some kind of vessel mode, it is the ability of the user to transfer his consciousnes to ogher body. It might be possible to happen because there is a hidden door in the tower that proving he needs the Seven to enter it. It might be the door to transfer himself to that. ;)

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    • @Gracehaperd ah yes true,

      Well I don't like timetravel theories for one, even though Satella's words and the fact that Subaru had just done similar things with Emilia is quite evidently a hint at that. And sure you could say "Well maybe Emilia is a part of Satella" or something but then Subaru has quite evidently repressed memories of her too that don't seem to be directly linked to Emilia.

      I wish I had an answer for this but I really can't put my head around these things. It would be so much simpler if Echidna could just tell it but then I guess she probably was asked not to or something.  So that leaves Satella, Echidna, (potentially the dead witches), Pandora, the Dragon, Pack and Shaula with answers but of course it's not so easy.

      Then there's Al x Envy, Al being linked to Subaru,..

      About your edit, I'd have a counter-argument. Which is that Regulus and Echidna both had the genes at the same time, it's also fair to assume that Subaru has Greed at the same time as her now.    And the hands of Envy look as though they're derived from the hand of Sloth, it's been speculated Satella has the genes of the last witches.

      So I think there's something like multiple genes. As you said, we'll see.

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    • Well this escalated

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    • What If Flugel was Subaru's Dad? Natsuki Kenichi.

      His dad seems charismatic enough to lighten people up like Subaru, and Satella probably was a girl that was enlighten by him. Subaru definitely inherited that Charismatic side of his Dad so it explains why he can get affection from the Villagers and other people. AND HIS DAD LOOKS LIKE HIM

      So after shit's done with Satella somehow Papa Subaru got into the Real World or transported back into the real world then married Subaru's mom and Subaru was born.

      Then Satella mistook Subaru for Papa Subaru and you know what happens.

      (yes it's been 400 years but Time doesn't exactly flow along between 2 worlds

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    • Wow you're making no sense at all @fandom user. If his father is flugel, why will she loves Subaru so much. Seriously, don't add his father, that would ruin the series. XD

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    • "I, forever, will love only you"   -Dream Castel tea party, Satella (sane)

      "I love you, Subaru-kun" -Arc 3 interlude, Satella (unclear state of mind)

      I think this shows that she really knows who he is and is sincere about this. Although you could argue that the only time she's 100% sane she doesn't ever say his name and the times she does she's either not herself or it's unclear.

      I don't think Kenichi would go back to having a normal life and hitting on teenagers after living there.

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    • Love story of Subaru and Satella sounds really interesting lol

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    • ive never watched the anime or read the novel only read wiki desrcibtions and some stuff from novels about traveling to anime worlds, but my guess is in the orginal timeline the witches of sin caused destrcution to the world and so emillia went back in time to stop the witches of sin by taking their witch genes, but didn't have enough power so she ingected the genes of witch of envy, as it is also said by the other witches that it was satella that was the one to swallow the genes and not the witch of envy inside her which resulted in her going crazy, it also gives a reason why satella would ingect the genes, and as a result of satella going back in time when she was born again she wasn't given the name satella as it was the name of the witch that nearly destroyed the world, which is why emilia looks exacly like satella as she is her from another timeline, sabaru also met her in that timeline and gave her light, if flugel was saburu he would just have to use return to death to solve every thing wouldn't he? as for why he was mistaken as flugel probably related to the sage or flugel also coming from another world.

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    • Lol Graceharperd sounding like he's right all the right.. lol

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    • I'm not saying that I'm right, I'm one of the few people that actually questions why something would happend/will happen. Most of the people just say "Rem will be Subaru's wife", without any facts.

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    • Well, I can't argue about the real fact about Rem become his second wife / concubine. ;)

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    • Rem is really good for Subaru... IDK why he would like Emilia..

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    • Yeah they say that because they like Rem and feel their own opinion should dictate everything, Grace.
      I truly want to see Rem happy but at this point even polygamy is purely irrational comforting. I have no doubt they truly care for each other and will continue so if she wakes up but I have serious doubts Polygamy would happen at any point. 

      From Love will sprout Jealousy, as demonstrated during Arc 6 with Shaula's appearance. 

      "---To seek love, demand it and take it all. Greed" No two people can take it all. No matter what this is not a situation where everyone can leave unhurt, that's the sad truth. I guess this is not completly out of the subject of the conversation since this is Love related after all but let us not descent into some kind of inferno. This is Satella's wiki page, we're not going to make a 65 page argument over whether Rem should somehow be the Heroin at the end. I'll answer no more than one comment regarding this.

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    • Wakaran0 has a point.

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    • Jesus Christ so many responses


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    • Teory it could be posible that this isnt the first time he travel to that world and his memory might be seald that would explain why ge felt in love whit emilia from the start, emilia and stella look the same plus puck seem to know something because puck been the way he is whith emilia it would be wear if he let anyone get close to her

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    • Why are people always searching for excuses for why he's into Emillia? I don't get it. Stop denying reality. He isn't into her because she looks like the witch. Hell, he couldn't even have known the witch back then. It's simply the worst possible logic that keeps reappearing again and again. Stop.

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    • TonySansNom wrote: Why are people always searching for excuses for why he's into Emillia? I don't get it. Stop denying reality. He isn't into her because she looks like the witch. Hell, he couldn't even have known the witch back then. It's simply the worst possible logic that keeps reappearing again and again. Stop.

      I totally agree, I think Subaru was just desperately looking for someone, and he sees his almost ideal girl (an image of his bedroom shows he has a preference for white-haired girls.

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    • All in all, the major consensus is that Emilia and Satella are technically the same person.

      Good enough for me!


      Gundam-Knight-Chris (Christian Watson)

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    • The real question is “Why is how and why is she’s in Subaru’s body in the first place?”. And why isn’t there a full backstory of Satella yet? So many unanswered question!! My brain trembles!!(And yes that pun was intended).

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    • Edited: The real question is “How and why is Satella in Subaru’s body in the first place?”. And why isn’t there a full backstory of Satella yet? So many unanswered question!! My brain trembles!!(And yes that pun was intended).( i know I fucked up my sentence my bad)

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    • Ok, so stumbled in here by chance while looking for theories and, since I have one of my own and I'm dying to share it, here I go!

      So. Why does Satello love Subaru? My answer is that: she does and she doesn't. My guess would actually be that she loved A Subaru and, consequently, loves every Subaru there is.

      Let's try to take this from the start. 400 hundred years or so in the past (or maybe more), there was this woman named Satella who had a Light in her life: Subaru. I say had, because he died/disappeared/vanished elswhere with Ul Shamac (why not?), which made the witch kinda crossed. Actually, so crossed that she took half the planet for her snack. Her Light gone, there was only Envy. An Envy so enormous of Gurren Lagann proportions that nothing could sasiate her. That is, except Subaru. But he's dead (let's go with that), and even in this world, the dead don't come back. So she thinks... why not take a Subaru from another world? And so she did take other Subaruses from other worlds, at different point in time in her world.

      My take is that every Subaru was taken at the same age, the age her Subaru had and were given powers so that they don't die. Once you break something costly, you don't frak around and you get insurrance the next time. But this power is a work in progress. We can hypothesize that it began with Flugel, then continued with Hoshin, then Al and finally the Subaru we know.

      This would explain a few things about Al as well. We know he's a summonee (is that a word?) as well, he has a kinda go-back-in-time power and only has normal human strength. Subaru means Pleiades and Aldebaran is that star following the Pleiades. It's veeeeery thin, but there's a connection. Plus, we never see his face, maybe because he has Subaru's? Also that strange moment when he talked about Ram. Maybe he was from a world similar to that one where he knew another Ram.

      Also another connection, the names of the sin archbishops. They are named after stars. They also seem to crave Satella's love, but apparently she doesn't care about them. My guess would be that they name themselves after stars in order to please Satella (but then how would they know constellations not from that world?). Another guess, they're failed summons, or even completely different Subaruses!

      And that's pretty much it. Maybe she's waiting for a Subaru that would love her and come and get her. Or maybe she's trying to "train" Subaru to become like the one she knew through various obstacles, getting the world moving thanks to her gospels.

      I knows there are a lot of holes but it'd tie up nicely I think. We won't know before a while anyway.

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    • Weeb trash Subaru wrote:
      I know he has his loli patrol who all love him to bits, but why should Satella? Has Subaru done something that I'm missing out on?I know she asked him to kill her and she refused, but surely, that couldn't change how she loved him at the very start,when he had no connection to her, and she had no reason to love him.Can anyone give me answers? ;3;

      you cant leave Conti "sloth" out of this subaru actually IS the "pride" look at relation of conti - satella , subaru - emilia

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    • Maybe satella is a twisted version of rem being envious of Emilia takes her form tries to go back in time overshoots it and goes crazy....?

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    • Major spoilers(novel etc.): First the things we know: that Subaru can gain the other authorities. And also Subaru can return by death. Which is sorta like a time travel save point style of power. Emilia can’t us the authorities but Satella can. But the key point is why doesn’t Satella want Subaru to tell the trigger of being killed. (We know that at the latest stories he can share he can change things but can’t tell the triggering factor) I do believe Satella is Emilia from the future and there is some complicated time travel things there’s. I don’t know how and when but I think Satella’s Authorities is given by Subaru. The whole show is about loops, one after another. Satella’s creation might be the biggest concept. Emilia might be the person Subaru “give everything” including his powers. (Thinking At the end of the story Subaru is gonna be really powerful) so from that as a storyline we can easily assume that Subaru’s return by death is some sort of a time travel. Then there is the mystery of why the 400 years thing. Emilia is 115 years old too. So Emilia loving Subaru, getting his powers and altering all the time things might be possible. But we can se Satella using her powers even when the brief moments Emilia is dead makes no sense if Emilia is past Satella. My only theory about this show is in the end it is gonna be about one giant loop of Subaru created by Satella from a still point of time. That makes Satella to exist in the past and the future. With all her powers. Keeping Subaru alive. After Subaru makes his sacrifice and somehow gives his powers to Emilia. Now the past Emilia creates return by death, while all knowing future Satella protects him.

      I might be all wrong, and there are some plot holes even in here. But in the end I’m %100 sure that this story is gonna be about a big giant loop.

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    • Hi (^^this guy) here, just wanted to add that smell of witch coming from Subaru even he doesn’t sorta summon Satella by telling return by death makes perfect sense, believing what makes Satella powerful is originated from Subaru. Also Satella destroyed things is a big misunderstanding, thinking even Emilia gets that a lot by people for looking like Satella. There is some “the dark knight” taking the responsibility shit back in there for Emilia/Satella

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    • Just wanted to add a seemingly kind of important but missed fact. Don't forget about how Subaru's magic attribute is apparently shadow element, of which Emilia doesn't have. And at this point, it's still so underdeveloped you'd think it'll either be forgotten or will play an enormous role farther down the plot. Guess we'll have to see, but I do like the time travel loop theory the most, since Subaru's abilities revolves around time travel looping, which is kind of super op. That, in essence would be enough reason to underdevelop his magic powers since the story would lose a lot of the mystery were he to gain 'witchly' powers early on. Since the main story is revolving around that time loop 'skill', a plot reveal much farther down the line concerning a bigger time loop doesn't seem so far fetched. It is the theme after all.

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    • satella became the witch of envy after she absorbed conflicting powers.

      satella and the witch of envy are seperate beings. 

      she can absorb other witches and beings.

      she has control of the Authority of Sloth 

      she loves subaruu. 

      ... My crazy theory....

      what if for some reason, emelia ended up absorbing subaruu in the future? the witch of envy can clearly go back in time as she sends subaruu back all the time, she has control over the Authority of Sloth , shadow magic, and from what it seems like, she can use E・M・M  and freeze his movements to choke his heart.... echidna meantuned being afraid of satella so she avoids getting in his way, yet emelia goes unchecked. oh... also... E・M・M  is a type of space time magic, and did i mention satella can aborb powers? if subaruu went back in time with emelia and they became different people that would be hard to patch emelia going nuts, but if she absorbed his powers including the bad.

      she refuses to let him die, but also "avoids" him... what if she absorbed him and his power, by accident, lost control and get sent back in time?

      wakes up, with new incompitble powers that birth a split personality that is in emence pain and that dark personality lashes out?

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    • A FANDOM user
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